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The Blue Groove – Reliance Augmented Reality App [Review]

At the outset, I would like to make this clear – I am neither a professional app reviewer nor that much of a techgeek but I do have a fondness for simple, fun games. In that sense, I am perfectly qualified to review India’s first ‘augmented’ reality app [...]

Zuvvu, Rewards Your Social Media Influence

Zuvvu, a technology company previously known as Twtbuck, is an online portal that gives you a chance to make money or earn rewards via your social influence. You must be wondering - social media and cash, what is the catch dude? Well to know more [...]

JuhuLive, Social News Reader App

One of the industries big events SXSW that concluded recently saw the launch of JuhuLive, a social news reading app on Facebook. JuhuLive has been created by our own Pune based startup Juhu Labs. The Founders claim that the Facebook app is the first [...]

How Aditi Technologies Is Recruiting Via Facebook

Facebook is what you want to make out of it. As a social media blogger I get really happy when I see lesser known companies in the social media arena trying new ways of using Facebook and building their own community. Aditi Technologies is a Bangalore [...]

GrabInbox, Social Media Management App

The job of a social media manager is not really fun. Managing one Facebook account of a client would be fine but when you have to manage an entire campaign then the situation gets really tricky. And the present day scenario of social media is that, there [...]

Tyche’d, The Social Wishlist[Review]

I recently wished for a Macbook but couldn’t buy for obvious budget reasons. That is a fact but what if my wish comes true. How about if I find a bunch of like-minded Mac lovers who also wish to buy a Mac like me. Chances are that we will be able [...]