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The Blue Groove – Reliance Augmented Reality App [Review]

At the outset, I would like to make this clear – I am neither a professional app reviewer nor that much of a techgeek but I do have a fondness for simple, fun games. In that sense, I am perfectly qualified to review India’s first ‘augmented’ reality app [...]

Zuvvu, Rewards Your Social Media Influence

Zuvvu, a technology company previously known as Twtbuck, is an online portal that gives you a chance to make money or earn rewards via your social influence. You must be wondering - social media and cash, what is the catch dude? Well to know more [...]

JuhuLive, Social News Reader App

One of the industries big events SXSW that concluded recently saw the launch of JuhuLive, a social news reading app on Facebook. JuhuLive has been created by our own Pune based startup Juhu Labs. The Founders claim that the Facebook app is the first [...]

How Aditi Technologies Is Recruiting Via Facebook

Facebook is what you want to make out of it. As a social media blogger I get really happy when I see lesser known companies in the social media arena trying new ways of using Facebook and building their own community. Aditi Technologies is a Bangalore [...]

GrabInbox, Social Media Management App

The job of a social media manager is not really fun. Managing one Facebook account of a client would be fine but when you have to manage an entire campaign then the situation gets really tricky. And the present day scenario of social media is that, there [...]

Qureka- Discover People And Information That Interests You

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social networks active in this world. They may be the most popular ones but the market is being flooded by networks driven for a purpose. One such social network is Qureka founded by Avinash Anandan. Qureka not only [...]