Symantec Informs Two New Facebook Phishing Scams Targeting Indians

Internet security firm Symantec’s response team has found two new phishing scams that are targeting Indians, to get their Facebook login details

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Scams and phishing sites are also the harsh reality of the world’s biggest social networking site – Facebook. In a recent revelation, Internet security firm Symantec’s response team has found two new phishing scams that are active on Facebook and are targeting Indians. (News Source: Business Today)


The two new scams that are active now are trying to replicate the look of the social network with the intention of harvesting user credentials. The first scam – “Chehrakitab” which means Facebook in Hindi, has created a Facebook login page spoof targeting Indian users. The site that is hosted on the free web hosting service was created with malafide intention and has nothing to do with Facebook.

The second scam that works as a fake Facebook app uses a cute girl’s image and has a Facebook ‘Like’ button which prompts users to click on it. On click the app asks for Facebook credentials by displaying a similar looking Facebook log in page. Once the user keys in the user name and the password, the Netherlands-based phishing site grabs the user data.

Both the scams have a similar modus operandi of spamming the user profiles on Facebook with embarrassing video links.

These kinds of activities are pretty common and have been quite frequent for some time embarrassing users on Facebook. So Symantec advises users to not click on suspicious links in email messages and on social networks, do not provide any personal information when answering an email or on a pop-up page or window. Another best way would be to check if the site is encrypted with an SSL certificate, represented by a padlock on the address bar, advised Symantec.

One needs to be cautious on social media today and Indians have found a new liking by these malicious people. The Symantec Corp’s Internet Security Threat Report Volume 18 has stated that the country has seen a 280 percent increase in infections that are spreading to a large number of emerging cities. The report also highlighted the three-fold increase in attacks on small businesses from 2011. And Indian businesses are feeling the most heat.

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