Switch Idea, Combines Power Of Social Media To Recruitment

Review of Switch Idea web app that combines power of Social Media to recruitment process.


A new kid is in the game and this time with a unique idea that combines the power of social media to recruitment. We are talking about ‘Switch Idea’ today developed by Niranjan Yadav, a 20 year old wonder-kid in Mumbai. LinkedIn did bring about a revolution when it leveraged the power of social to your professional life and we did see hordes of people logging into it and creating some awesome profiles. Beyond that the engagement was limited and that is what ‘Switch Idea’ aims to cover and become a bridge between the job seekers and providers using social connections (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn).

While employers utilize multiple mediums to connect with job seekers - recruitment agencies, direct calling or LinkedIn relying on manual methods for screening, Switch Idea provides an opportunity for them to connect directly with job seekers via social channels.

How Switch Idea Works?

1. For Employers: For this group, the process nearly remains the same as they do with other agencies - forward requirement, input desired skills, location and other key details. These details are fed into their system.

2. For Job Seekers: The job seekers part is where all the magic is. As a job seeker, the user needs to create a virtual card, which actually is an overview of your profile. The login is created by connecting one of your social platforms and once created, it picks up some basic information from the social profile. The best part is, you can even import your resume from LinkedIn. Add skills and other relevant details and your virtual card is ready.

Once the virtual card is created and stored in their repository, the skills are matched with the existing requirement or future requirements. Relevant jobs get notified to the job seeker. Once the job seeker decides to apply for a certain position, the virtual card gets shared with the prospective employer. Based on the information virtual card, the employer can take relevant action of either going forward with the interview or dropping the candidate.

How cool is it?

1. Very minimalistic and intuitive interface: Loved the way they have used the grey, orange and yellow colours. Very pleasing to the eye and one can easily view the important information.

2. Social connect: It was very good to see them pick up the existing information from social channels and even allowing the LinkedIn resume to be picked up.

3. VCard or the Virtual Card: Nice glimpse of skills & other relevant details on a single page with multiple tabs that get further details.

4. The process:  I particularly liked the idea of exchange of job post & virtual card. The way particular virtual card would get selected based on the skills mentioned by employers, I see it would reduce some of the residual processes of skill matching on the employers end. Having a brief overview of the candidate can make life easier for employers. From the job-seeker point of view, they could get creative, since they know that what appears on the minimalist virtual card is their only ‘gateway’ into prospective employer’s mind. Putting less and crisp information would be job half done.

How it can be better?

1. Login creation: The process of creating a login is tad bit lengthy. Once they had decided to connect the social channels in the first step to creation of login, an extra step to have username/password was not needed. Secondly, even after giving the username/password in the first step, it didn’t immediately show us the home screen. I had to re-login with the supplied credentials again, much to my chagrin. These are too many steps while creating a login and could scare away users from using it.

2. Effective progress bar: With every detail being put, they do show a progress bar proclaiming ‘vCard Efficiency’. This was a bit painful, since I didn’t really know what steps really constitute towards the ‘efficiency’ counter. Even after I had put all the basic information in place, the bar read 60% and I was clueless how I can take it further. Some explanation towards it would have certainly made my life easier.

Overall, I would say it’s a very interesting place to have your profile or advertise your jobs. Niranjan has indeed picked up well on the social media trend though I would have loved to see if he could have given a platform for the job seeker and employer to even ‘engage’ beyond the vCards. Nonetheless, a good beginning and since they are also planning to launch apps for phones, I do see it being used by a much wider base.

Currently, with almost 15,000 users of which nearly 60% are US based, I look forward to ‘Switch Idea’s’ great Indian journey.