Town In West Bengal Designs Durga Puja Pendal As A Facebook Page

A small town named Suri which is the headquarters of Birbhum district in the state of West Bengal, India has a Durga Puja Pendal design that resembles the Facebook page

A small town named Suri which is the headquarters of Birbhum district in the state of West Bengal, India has a Durga Puja Pendal design that resembles the Facebook page. 

If you are wondering that the above image is a photoshopped one or a Facebook timeline of a religious user then give it a closer look. The above image is of a recently concluded Durga Puja pendal (a decorated place where the deity is kept when the religious puja takes place and people come to pray and get blessings) which has been designed keeping the Facebook timeline in mind. And will your eyes pop out if I say that this was done in a small town Suri, (also spelt Siuri), headquarters of Birbhum district from the state of West Bengal, India.

I was quite amazed to see this as it is really cool. A small town miles away from Palo Alto has come up with this idea. Facebook is touching hearts and reaching out far and wide.

Suri may be a small town in terms of population, but has deep roots as far as the culture goes. The small town has been quite popular for it’s Chattoraj’s Durga Temple where the Durga Puja celebrations have been going on for the last 200 years. However, the latest offering from the town is really out of the box thinking and if you observe the image closely, the creators have incorporated all the features of Facebook.

Not only the pendal design has the latest timeline feature , it also has the chat window open, with the lord as as a display picture and a lovely cover page. The pendal must have been the talk of the town during the 5 days of Durga Puja celebrations. Another interesting thing to note here is that all the Olympians who made us proud this year during the London Olympics, have found a space too. I think this is one of the coolest pendal I have seen till date, being born and bred from the same state.

Meanwhile, I have started a discussion on Twitter to see if I can get some more images and find out the cool designers of this pendal. Thanks to Shilpa Srivastava, a Facebook friend who had shared this and gave the initial information about this cool pendal.

I have never doubted the powers of social media. If we had seen a village being named after Snapdeal and babies being named as Facebook in Egypt then this one also stands out for me.

Mark, if you are seeing this then you should be proud along with your latest achievement of 1 Billion! And what a coincidence I had today  morning - I read that in 2015, India would be the biggest market for Facebook. It sure seems so.