Surf Excel Spreads ‘TV Off - Life On’ On Social Media

About Surf Excel's new campaign 'TV Off - Life On' that encourages parents to encourage their children to spend less time on TV


Are you ready to take a pledge that you will read a bed-time story to your child every night, that you will ensure your child plays outdoors every day and that you will keep your phone away while driving? If you take any of these pledges and more, you could be amongst the 10 lucky winners to enjoy a family dinner worth Rs. 3000! This exciting proposition has been brought to you by Surf Excel, the detergent brand from Hindustan Unilever, in a bid to strengthen its brand positioning ‘daag achche hain’ or ‘stains are good’.

About TV Off - Life On

The campaign entitled ‘TV Off - Life On’ hopes to build awareness about the ill effects of watching TV and urge parents to spend time with their kids, thus enriching the bond between parents and children, along with helping children to explore, imagine, visualize and grow. All the pledges will then be displayed in a map of the country.

TV Off - Life On, launched in association with digital and interactive agency, TechShastra is now at the pledge-taking state, which will end today evening. A Facebook app ‘Take your pledge’ has been designed for this purpose.


You have to ‘like’ the page to access the app. The app will then take the required permissions to finally welcome you with a list of pledges. Select one or multiple pledges and promise that you will stick by them (ok, I’m only kidding!).

Once you do that, the app provides you 3 options: Share, Invite or go back to the wall. With Share, you can share it on your wall and help spread the word in your network and with Invite, you can invite your friends to the pledge app. And yes, 10 winners will be selected at random for the family dinner, so keep a watch on your email.

How good is it?

In 2005, the detergent brand broke through all the clutter to bring out its most powerful message till date – ‘Daag acche hain’. While all other detergent makers were fighting stains, Surf Excel was seen embracing them as a celebration of life’s experiences. Bringing on an emotional connect with the consumer, the brand has strived long to build a strong message around the idea that stains are good. And, with the ‘TV Off - Life On’ campaign, this message gets even more concrete.

The other feature is the simplicity in the app. The mandatory ‘like’ ensures fan growth, while the ‘Share’ and ‘Invite’ helps in spreading the message with your family and friends on Facebook. The app is also being promoted by the brand website when one clicks on take a pledge. Besides, the Twitter handle of Surf Excel has been aggressively inviting followers to take the pledge with the hashtag #TVOffLifeOn.

That said, I’m surprised with the campaign concept of TV being shut down to enable real life to take over, as this one seems to be inspired from the successful ‘No TV Day’ run by Hindustan Times every year. For some reason, the ‘No TV Day’, usually at the end of January, was not seen this year. No TV day was all about creating your own day with family and friends and to discover life without TV for a day. Also, it was an extensive campaign with a number of outdoor activities tied up with the day.

Right now, ‘TV Off - Life On’ is inviting mothers to address their concerns on their children watching too much TV and get practical solutions from a child development expert. This is happening on the Facebook wall where fans can put their questions in the comments.

Overall, TV Off - Life On is a decent campaign with a not-so-unique idea, and could have certainly done better in terms of fan engagement and involvement. What do you think?