Surf Excel Shows The Power Of 10 Hands Through An Interactive Microsite Resembling Your Facebook Profile Page

Surf Excel launches 'The Power Of 10 Hands' fors its new Surf Excel Easy Wash through an interactive microsite that resembles a Facebook profile page


Detergent brand Surf Excel had created quite an impact when it came out with its new positioning of ‘Daag acche hain’ or ‘Stains are good’ eight years back. While all other detergent makers were fighting stains, Surf Excel was seen embracing them as a celebration of life’s experiences. Lately, the brand launched ‘Power of 10 hands’ campaign in a bid to convey the efficacy of the all new Surf Excel Easy Wash, designed to get rid of tough stains.

So, while a family is shown completely chilled out even when the youngest of them gets stained with boot polish while helping his grandfather, all thanks to the new detergent variant with the power of 10 hands, Surf Excel has successfully communicated that stains are good once again.

Interestingly, the brand has sought to bring this alive through a specially created interactive microsite that uses a Facebook login to recreate your personal Facebook page, with its new ad film running in the cover page area!

Once you login with your Facebook account, a page like the one below will be shown with the ad running in the cover page.


As the boy starts polishing his grandfather’s boots and gets boot polish all over him in the process, the page too gets blotted with stains, with the women of the family discussing on the extra chore needed to wash his stained clothes. The mother is too unconcerned as she relies completely on the new detergent.

The page then directs you to click on the Surf Excel Easy Wash Facebook ad simulated at the side.


This triggers 10 hands in blue who then wash the page clean!


You are finally shown a cover page with the options to invite, share or win a hamper. You can  invite or share this with your Facebook friends, while winning a hamper would involve filling up your contact details.


Cool concept, good fun!

The idea of creating a page resembling a fan’s Facebook profile is not unique, though the animated interactivity does seem to be. When Park Avenue Grooming began promotions for its new beer shampoo, the personal care brand had created a Facebook app that resembled a Facebook profile page of the new shampoo complete with a set of links where fans can know more, play games, watch videos or buy the product.

Bringing on an emotional connect with the consumer, Surf Excel has strived long to build a strong message around the idea that stains are good. And, the latest promotional campaign ‘The power of 10 hands’ strengthens it only further.