Superdry Tweet Fuel - Converting Your Tweets To Fuel [Twitter Case Study]

Case study illustrating the India launch of UK based youth apparel brand, Superdry that employs a microsite along with Twitter where the Morgan 3 Wheeler is powered by tweets


This is a case study illustrating the India launch of UK based youth apparel brand, Superdry that employs a microsite along with Twitter to create a unique campaign wherein tweets convert into virtual fuel for a specially designed ‘Superdry Morgan 3 Wheeler’. 

The Objective

UK based youth apparel brand Superdry launched their presence in India with a set of street drive events. To extend this idea online and connect with the younger demographics on Twitter, the brand partnered with digital agency Brandmovers India to conceptualize a unique Twitter campaign called ‘Superdry Tweet Fuel’. The campaign virtually simulates the brand’s entry into India through a microsite where the drive is fuelled by user tweets.

The Execution

The ‘Superdry Tweet Fuel’ Twitter campaign challenged users to express themselves through tweets and help bring the iconic Superdry Morgan 3 Wheeler roadster to India, by converting their tweets to fuel for the car. The campaign had been hosted on a dedicated microsite that depicts the epic journey of the Morgan 3 Wheeler Roadster from London to Mumbai. The contest was simple - users had to follow the Superdry India Twitter account and tweet about where they would go for a #SuperDrive if they had a Morgan 3 Wheeler, and their tweets will get converted into fuel for the car.

Powered by their tweets, the car travelled from London Superdry stores to Dover crossing through the English Channel to France, Germany, Belgium, Dubai and finally India. There were exciting prizes to be won in the campaign like Superdry apparel and an opportunity to drive the Morgan 3 Wheeler!

The different sets of prizes were unlocked at different levels of tweets at the microsite. The best tweets for each level were featured on the microsite under the contributors section and also qualified to win prizes.

Superdry Tweet Fuel microsite

The Results

  • The campaign has generated 2600+ tweets and 5.4 million+ impressions reaching an audience of 1.5 million+ people in 5 days.
  • On the day of the launch of Superdry stores in India (same day as the qualifying rounds for the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix) the campaign trended in major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad & Lucknow and UK & Brazil.
  • On the launch day the campaign generated 1300+ tweets & 4.5 million+ impressions reaching an audience of 1 million+ people.
  • Also, on the day of the launch the campaign hashtag ranked 393 globally reaching the peak of 35.
  • Visitors to the microsite spend 3+ minutes on the website on average.
Tweet Fuel Statistics via Hashtracking
TweetFuel Microsite Analytics

This is another interesting ‘microsite powered by Twitter’ campaign by Brandmovers. Earlier, we had seen the India launch of 55DSL that was also targeted to the youth. While that one had a graffiti wall resemblance in the microsite where tweets were painted on the wall, this one features a car that moves ahead only when fuelled by tweets. With the rising number of youth on Twitter, such focussed campaigns make good business sense compared to creating a buzz via a hashtag.

In addition, the one thing that stands out in this campaign is the gratification provided to the community - apart from an opportunity to drive the Superdry Morgan 3 in Mumbai, there was the opportunity to be part of an amazing digital movement.

Here’s the video to Superdry Tweet Fuel case study: