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How we love the Vodafone Zoozoos! They’ve always made us laugh with their pranks or at least brought a smile to our face.  Last year Super Zoozoo made a debut to promote Vodafone’s 3G campaign and starred in all the 3G commercials as a superhero with powers! His Official Fan Club page on Facebook has 2,979,900 fans at last count which is mighty impressive and as per Social Bakers ranks third among top five Facebook brands in India. So it was a given that he deserved to have his very own comic series just as other popular super heroes. And Vodafone India’s recently launched online comic series ‘The Adventures of Super Zoozoo’ seems to be the natural progression.

super zoozoo
Super Zoozoo

When you click on ‘Read Now’, you are taken to an app that shows his very first adventure titled ‘A Hero Arises’ that has a prologue and two chapters. You can invite your friends or even share these stories with them. There are exciting incentives in the form of zoozoo wallpapers which I must say, is an attractive deal for a Super Zoozoo lover. However, the app does not let you proceed without allowing it to post updates on your behalf, which I think could have been easily avoided. Besides, I am wondering whether the app will show me the content before it posts as me, since failure to do so is against Facebook app guidelines.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]If a user grants you a publishing permission, you must still obtain consent from the user before taking any action on the user’s behalf, such as publishing content or creating an event.[/pullquote]

Super Zoozoo comic
Super Zoozoo comic

The wall which is an array of pranks and other interesting activities of Zoozoos, is not only quite amusing but also has interesting tidbits from the adventure comic too. Going further maybe fans could be lured to participate in the story building for his adventures. This will certainly help build the required interaction between Super Zoozoo and his fans thus increasing the number of fans talking about it. Adorable to the core, this Super Zoozoo adventures is sure to have a loyal fan following!