20 Super & 10 WTF Ads From The Super Bowl 50

Over 100 Ads were screened during the Super Bowl 50 and here are the top 20 that stood out from the rest


Editor’s Note: This is an exclusive guest post from Carlton D’Silva, CEO & CCO at Hungama Digital Services. Opinions expressed in this post are the author’s personal views.

It’s that time of the year again where brands splurge money on ads to make the maximum impact on the most watched sport in the US. Apart from Brand Ads there was a fair bit of big budget films that wanted to make their presence too.

Deadpool (the new Marvel film) inspired commercials and plenty of Auto commercials, that seem to be getting BIGGER production budgets with each passing year. Over 100 Ads were screened during the Super Bowl and here are the top 20 that stood out from the rest.

1. Snickers (Marilyn)

I thought the complete contrast of characters (one celebrity behaving like another celebrity we all know) was such a pleasant surprise and the execution of the commercial just perfect.

2. Hyundai Elantra (The Chase & First Date)

Hyundai, I thought, had the best set of commercials running during the Super Bowl. But in isolation I cannot consider a single one the best. What I loved about the Hyundai Commercials were the fact that they had a perfectly good script that had the feature of the car woven into it in a very non-obstructive manner.

3. Marmot (Love the Outside)

When I saw the teaser of the TVC i was instantly intrigued. When the long form was released I just would not know how this was going to end. Nicely executed, funny and the end says it all.

4. Shock Top (Unfiltered Talk with T.J Miller)

The first of the Brands taking advantage of the Deadpool film just released. In fact the banter is quite reminiscent of the scene when T.J. Miller meets Ryan Reynolds character in the film post the transformation. Its one line bettering the next. This positioning can do so well in social media if they take this ahead (and I do believe they will).

5. Acura (What he said)

Have you ever seen a car where you are lost for words and all that eventually comes out from your mouth is orgasmic sounds. Well they made a TVC on that.

6. Bud Light (Bud Light Party)

I hated the teaser. I loved the ad. Kinda reminiscent of the Pepsi ad done here in India on the idea of flipping what is happening in real life. It was movements here and it is elections there. Add a couple of super comedians to the mix and make it bigger and better.

7. Audi (Rocket)

This one has got to be one of my favourites. The idea, the execution, a brilliant track (we miss you David Bowie), the emotion, all coming together to create that perfect TVC. Just Super stuff.

8. Jeep (Portraits)

The classic example of having an extremely strong script and an excellent editing job. This one was just perfect and the Super Bowl Ad that topped my list.

9. Hyundai (Ryanville)

Another one of Hyundai that cashed in on the Deadpool fever. What’s better than Ryan Reynolds? A town full of Ryan Renolds. I loved the quirky detailing like ‘In my face’ and (again) an excellent seamless integration of the feature of the vehicle.

10. Coca-Cola Mini (Hulk vs Ant-Man)

A Meg Marvel Collaboration. I loved the fact that they used Ant-Man and the Hulk in the commercial cause it was just an ingenious and perfect match for the product.

11. Prius (Heck on Wheels & The Longest Chase)

Like Hyundai, Toyota too had a number of commercials running during the Super Bowl. I personally like these two done for the new Prius. Heck on Wheels is irreverent and the Chase is like watching a film.

12. Bud light (#giveadamn)

Another one from Bud Light. This one a social service message using an insult. Everything sounds much better coming from Dame Hellen Mirren.

13. Mobile Strike (Arnold’s Fight)

This is so strange but its Arnold doing what he does best. Its perfect casting and it is extremely well executed.

14. Intuit (Death Wish Coffee)

To be honest I really did not know what this ad was when it started. I really thought it was an ad for ‘The Vikings’. I guess it is on this list because I just loved where they took this ad.

15. Axe (Find your Magic)

I just love the new route that Axe is taking. It’s refreshing and real and it’s no longer driven by the promise of sex but the drive of confidence.

16. Text Talk (No More)

This is simple yet powerful.

17. Doritos (Ultrasound)

I watched this ad a number of times and I laughed every single time I watched it. Doritos still stays strong in their ads.

18. Turkish Airlines (Metropolis & Gotham Tourism)

Possibly the best integration of product and film I have seen in a very long time. It’s just so well executed and being a fan boy I guess you can say there is a bit of a bias with this one.

19. Amazon Echo (#BaldwinBowl Party)

Alec Baldwin in an ad with multiple celebrities can never go wrong. Again a well written script that beautifully integrates the features of the product in the storytelling.

20. Heinz (Wiener Stampede)

The relationship of a Hot Dog and Heinz played by real people and real dogs. Nuff Said!

And then there are some of those ads where you are like #WTF!

1. Butterfinger (Bolder Than Bold)

2. Doritos (Dogs)

3. Mountain Dew Kickstart (PuppyMonkeyBaby)

4. Skittles (The Portrait)

5. LG (Man from the future)

6. T-Mobile (Restricted Bling)

7. Kia Optima (Walken Closet)

8. Bai (None of this makes sense)

9. Turbotax (Never a Sellout)

10. Honda (Somebody to love)


Here is T.J Miller and Shock Top with their unfiltered Big Game Ad Review. Another superb idea and a great way to create noise on the online space while the Super Bowl is on.