Sunsilk Launches The Straight Hair Experiment On Social Media

About Sunsilk's The Straight Hair Experiment campaign that reaches out to bloggers and the Facebook community to find crazy ideas for straightening hair, in a bid to promote its latest hair straightening product


It’s the season of winter chills and dry frizzy hair. And, it’s the season of parties too when all you want is a chic hairdo that sits well with your stylish attire and is easy to groom too. Hair care brands are cashing in on this with Unilever owned Sunsilk launching a one-of-its-kind campaign called ‘The Straight Hair Experiment’. The experiment seems to be a great launch platform for a hair straightening product from Sunsilk, however I do not yet know which is the product.

The brand is running major campaigns involving bloggers and its Facebook community with the idea of sourcing crazy hair straightening ideas!

I am a member of Indiblogger, a community of Indian bloggers and came across the The Straight Hair Experiment blogging contest by Sunsilk through the Indiblogger newsletter. Sunsilk has invited bloggers to share about their craziest, wackiest, wildest experimental idea to get the perfect straight hair. In return, there are exciting prizes to be won - a grand prize worth Rs. 25,000 and 5 of the best blogs will be featured on iDiva and Yahoo! Besides, there is a cool incentive for every blogger in the form of a gift hamper which has the solution to perfect straight hair.


As per the usual rules in the contests at Indiblogger, this contest does not seem to have any Terms & Conditions page as yet. However, a thread has been started on the forum regarding the contest even while more than 70 ideas have already been blogged. The blogging contest also displays the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page of Sunsilk.

The  Straight Hair Experiment on Facebook and Twitter

The Sunsilk Facebook page, which has more than 600K fans is also running a contest called ‘Perfect Straight Hair’, on a specially designed Facebook app. The contest is similar to the blogging one on Indiblogger where fans have to share their craziest, wildest, experimental idea to get perfect straight hair in the form of pictures, videos or text. However, the grand prize here is 2 couple passes to a party in your city.

The app suggests some crazy ideas to get you started like ironing your hair with a clothes iron to using a rolling pin to flatten your hair,  and even as crazy as placing heavy encyclopaedias on your hair while  lying on the floor. The contest is however, restricted only to female fans.

The Sunsilk Twitter page, with more than 1000 followers, is seen to be creating conversations around the benefits of straightening hair. In addition, the tweets are keenly focussing on curly hair vs. straight hair and the celebs who are sporting straight hair this season.

A fun co-creation with consumers

The Straight Hair Experiment is an interesting pre-launch buzz, marking the beginning of other levels of user engagement with the product. The brand that has been co-created by hair experts, has now taken the concept of co-creation to its consumers with this experiment. I like the concept of having bloggers and Facebook fans participate in finding fun ways to straighten hair.

Firstly, it helps the brand gain visibility and spread the word about the new product. But, what deserves a mention in this fun campaign is reaching out to bloggers as well as Facebook fans simultaneously and providing a product hamper for every idea shared.

Perhaps, this is an early phase with more interesting things lined up on social media. But the Straight Hair experiment is fun, cool, and a clever way to launch a product, just as Sunsilk promotes the Keratinology range of salon style hair care products through its interactive YouTube hair salon!

What is your crazy idea to straighten hair? Do let me know your thoughts on the ‘Straight hair experiment’.