After The Straight Hair Experiment On Social Media, Sunsilk Launches ‘Perfect Straight’

A look at the social media promotions of Sunsilk Perfect Straight in a blogging contest and an interactive YouTube channel


In a bid to spread the word about the new Sunsilk Perfect Straight, the hair care brand challenges viewers through its interactive YouTube brand channel. In addition, bloggers have been invited to sample and blog their experiences about the new hair product.

A few months back Sunsilk had launched an extensive experimental campaign on social media involving bloggers and the Facebook community. Sunsilk had partnered with Indiblogger, an Indian bloggers community to run ‘The Straight Hair Experiment’ blogging contest. Bloggers were invited to share their craziest, wackiest and wildest experimental idea to get perfect straight hair. At the same time, Sunsilk had run the ‘Perfect Straight Hair’ contest on its Facebook page. The experiment that seemed to be a launch platform for a hair straightening product, has now been revealed as Sunsilk Perfect Straight – a product that keeps your straight hair in perfect shape even as it dries!

Engaging with bloggers again

Sunsilk Perfect Straight is now doing the rounds on a blogging contest as well as a YouTube Banner ad, in addition to other channels of marketing. Being a member at Indiblogger, I received the contest newsletter with a rather interesting offer. It urged me to end all my crazy hair experiments today as all I needed is the new Sunsilk Perfect Straight to get beautiful straight hair everyday.


The promotion involves applying for a free sample  and then submitting your experiences as a contest entry. The most interesting entries won with a Samsung Galaxy Tab for the grand prize winner, 15 Amazon Kindles and 5 winners to be featured on iDiva.

To add to this, I’d seen an animated YouTube banner ad yesterday about Tanu and Jia, the two best friends from Sunsilk style diaries. The ad asked me to find out whose hair was perfectly straight and after clicking, I was led to the Sunsilk Hair Experts brand channel on YouTube.


The same one that hosts the interactive Sunsilk hair salon. The home page welcomes you with a self-starting animated story about Tanu and Jia and their close rivalry at everything. The viewer is then invited to try out various tests on Tanu and Jia in a variety of activities to find out whose hair stays perfectly straight at the end of it. There is a choice of 12 tests - in the form of short videos - that include activities like pillow fight, trampoline, camping, football, etc. basically physical activities that tend to mess up your hair. At the end of every interactive test (you can guess who has used the product, you can choose to hit turbo to get the two fight it hard), the viewer is enlightened of the fact that the girl who has used Sunsilk Perfect Straight, is still sparkling with smooth, straight hair!

You can click on any part of the video stories to watch it, apart from options to share about it on your Facebook wall and Twitter page.

Product demos on YouTube

I was very impressed with the Sunsilk virtual hair salon on YouTube in terms of the concept and execution. Videos are very beneficial in demonstrating the features and usage of a product, especially in the case of a distinctive product that keeps your hair straight even after you’ve done the hula-hoop a hundred times. I believe YouTube is a good choice of platform for the Sunsilk Perfect Straight.

Promoting the new product through the same channel and bringing in the interactivity aspect is fun, however, I couldn’t find any link to buy the product online, as in the case of the Keratinology range. A link on the bottom product information blurb takes you to the website and some more information, but no place to buy it. In fact, when I rechecked the link to buy the Keratinology range, I was led to 404 error page saying ‘Oops! You got tangled!’

I did get tangled because that was the one feature that had me impressed about the concept besides the interactivity. The ability to buy the product right away, after one has liked its demonstrated features, was a clever idea. I don’t know why that has been changed now.

Nonetheless, this new product launch on social media has been an interesting one, mainly for: a) A two-phased approach with bloggers in which the product is eventually introduced as the right solution to all their crazy experiments to maintain straight hair, and b) An interactive page on YouTube that demonstrates the efficacy of the product through relevant video stories. Quite impressive!