Sundar Pichai Taking Over As CEO Of Google, Dell’s Back-to-School Campaign

Social and digital media news from the world which has Sundar Pichai Taking Over As CEO Of Google, Dell's Back-to-School Campaign

1. Google Has Given Birth to Its Own Parent Company, Alphabet: Google CEO Larry Page said Monday that he and co-founder Sergey Brin have created Alphabet, which will effectively become a holding company consisting of smaller companies including Google. Mr. Page will take the reins of Alphabet as CEO, Mr. Brin will become president of Alphabet and Google’s de facto second-in-command Sundar Pichai is taking over as CEO of Google.

2. TubeMogul Q2: Mobile, Display And TV Grab 20% Of Global Spend: Video demand-side platform TubeMogul reported that more than 20% of global spend running through its platform in the second quarter came from mobile, programmatic TV and display ad formats. Mobile ad spend drove 10-15% of spend, programmatic TV constituted between 5-10% and less than 5% came from display.

3. Twitter Takes On Google’s Alphabet: Today’s Best Tweets So Far: You know by now that Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed a new company, Alphabet, today as the parent organization over Google and all those other often crazy “moonshot” ideas in development. The tech industry — typically heavy users of Twitter — was quick to react to the news with tweets that ranged from interesting to insightful and a few that I found absolutely hysterical.

4. Twitter, NFL Sign Two-Year Extension To Serve More Football Video: Twitter and the NFL have signed a two-year agreement to bring in-game highlights and other content to the social network. It’s an extension of a deal first signed in 2013 and renewed last year, but this time there will be an acceleration.

5. Dell’s Back-to-School Campaign Is a Docuseries About Young Achievers: Last  year, Dell tapped YouTube influencers for its back-to-school campaign. This year, the brand is taking things to the next level, moving beyond young Internet celebrities (though this campaign still features one) to young achievers in fields like fashion, science and technology.

6. #StraightOutta the Internet: From brands to celebs, the NWA meme takes over the Web: Internet, meet your new inescapable meme. As a way to promote the upcoming biographical movie about N.W.A., called “Straight Outta Compton,” R/GA-owned advertising firm Hustle created a template that lets users replace the California city with a city of their choosing and a background picture.

7. Vice Sports Uses YouTube’s 360-Degree Virtual Reality for New Series: Vice Sports has teamed up with lead sponsor Reebok for The Moment, which will spotlight athletes and give viewers a first-hand experience of extreme sports. The Moment uses YouTube’s 360-degree virtual reality functionality, a technology that has also been used by Lincoln Motor Company, Syfy, MTV and GoPro.

8. KIND Snacks’ Back-To-School Instagram Campaign Asks Parents To Share Summer #MomentThatPopped: KIND, with help from celebrity animator and artist Rachel Ryle, has launched #MomentThatPopped, an Instagram-centric social media campaign that encourages parents to share their family’s most memorable moments of the summer.

9. AT&T Debuts Three New Videos In ‘StrongCan’ Campaign: AT&T has introduce three new videos in its “StrongCan” campaign, showing real customers using AT&T’s 4G LTE network to achieve their dreams and run their businesses. The digital and social campaign, created by BBDO and Organic, include one-minute “hero stories” featuring a marine biologist, a food stylist and a race-car driver.

10. Nearly 200 Million Users, $22 Billion In Lost Ad Revenue: Ad-blocking software, once thought to be a relatively small-scale phenomenon, is apparently rapidly going mainstream. According to a new report from Adobe and PageFair — an Irish company founded in 2012 that “measure[s] the cost of adblocking and display[s] alternative non-intrusive advertising to adblockers” — $21.8 billion in global ad revenues have been blocked/lost so far in 2015.

11. StumbleUpon lays off dozens after failing to raise new round, source says: Content discovery company StumbleUpon was unable to secure more venture capital funding and is now letting go of dozens of employees in a new round of layoffs, VentureBeat has learned.

12. With new update, Snapchat will be less of a data hog: Snapchat on Monday released a new update that will prevent the app from using too much data. The feature, called “Travel Mode,” turns off snaps from automatically downloading when you’re on cellular data. This means that stuff rom Snapchat Stories or Discovery won’t load automatically.

13. Facebook, Google and Twitter block ‘hash list’ of child porn images: Internet giants including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo are stepping up the fight against paedophiles, with a new system that automatically blocks images of child sexual abuse. The companies have started using a database of thousands of known child sex abuse images compiled by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), known as a “hash list”, to identify and block these images.

14. LOL is so over: Facebook study reveals ‘haha’ is how we laugh online: If you laugh online, it’s probably with a “haha” or an emoji — at least, that’s according to some interesting data analysis from Facebook.