How Trivone’s Humorous Content Strategy For Star Plus Ensured A Healthy Launch For Sumit Sambhal Lega

Case study by Trivone for the launch of the Indian adaptation of 'Everybody loves Raymond' - Sumit Sambhaal Lega on Star Plus, where the agency made extensive use of content marketing to build buzz

sumit sambhal lega

The Client

Star Plus is a Hindi language general entertainment television channel based in India. The channel is a part of 21st Century Fox’s STAR India network. It showcases a mix of family dramas, comedies, youth-oriented, reality shows, shows on crime and telefilms the channel. The channel has also distributed worldwide by Fox International Channels, subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Our client’s new show, Sumit Sambhal Lega (adaptation of an English TV Show, Everybody Loves Raymond) was seeing its launch and we were briefed to make the launch and sustenance creatively engaging.

The Agency

Trivone Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. is a new age content marketing and digital media agency which focuses on creating gripping content to drive conversations and build communities on the web, across diverse demographics, domains and platforms. A fast-growing Indian company working in the Digital Media, Content Creation and Syndication space. With over 200 years of combined experience, Trivone in the Digital Media space creates promising content with the help of marketing experts.

Problem Statement

Sumit Sambhal Lega is an adaptation of an American TV series, Everybody Loves Raymond. Therefore, pushing the content on digital was quite challenging.

The campaign could have resulted in misogyny as show revolved around the ladies of the house being against Sumit. The show’s DNA was humour and special interest had to be given to not make the digital campaign men-centric.

Ensuring the content will fetch in chunks of interesting conversations and digital media impressions.

Sumit Sambhal Lega had strong competitors like, Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and Comedy Classes. Hence, managing to pull this campaign on digital was a taxing task while having such good shows on the same time slot.

An appeal to audience with a concept of men-centric humorous content without pushing away female audience.

Identified Objectives

  • Increase digital followership of the show and also drive tune ins.
  • Create a unique campaign and identity for each character of the show while aligning it to not just the plot of the show but also the STAR Plus brand as a whole.
  • Portrayal of the pain of every man when he/she has his mother and wife around in a humorous manner.
  • Drive engagement and conversations on all the social media platforms.
  • Promote show launch and maintain the interest and more importantly the humour during the sustenance phase.
  • Boosting the engagement rate and ensuring the campaign runs smoothly.
  • Creating original content across all formats.



Introducing characters in a very unique way with funny ‘nick’ names. E.g. – Maya Walia aka Bitter Half
Every wife is a loving wife, but as years pass, she turns into a bitter half. Concentrating on our content creativity, we managed to pull off the beginning of the campaign pretty well. Conveying the story of every man stuck between his mother and wife through GIFs, memes, comic themed creatives, puns and interesting videos.


Collaborating with the internet king – Being Indian and spreading dard on You Tube. To mourn every man’s pain and spread more #HarMardKaDard we pushed engaging videos.

Launch day

Going LIVE and real time by staying in tune with the best practices and the upcoming trends on digital.


Post launch

The dialogue creatives bespoke the best funny moments of the previous episodes. Use of humour to exploit the characters to drive engagement. Selfie uploads by the cast on our channel created excitement amidst the users. This was to beef-up candid content on Instagram for Sumit Sambhal Lega. The promos and web exclusives of Sumit Sambhal Lega carried the concept of #HarMardKaDard pretty well. Engagement rate just spiked up when we featured. Creating exclusive digital content and execute hashtag strategies – #HarMardKaDard.

Making optimum usage of platforms in a strategic manner. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram consisted of sheer pain of Sumit with GIFs, memes, video memes, creatives, dialogue creatives etc. On You Tube we published pre-rolls and web exclusives.

Use of colloquial and light-hearted tone to get people involved conversations. Influencer alignment – Interacting with industry influencers active on social. Continuing engagement after every episode.

With first of its kind, Video Memes were introduced to spread humour in the most innovative way.

Collaborating with biggest stars to promote the show the best way possible


  • #HarMardKaDard stood to be an innovative concept. Users on digital could easily relate to and joined in the chain of conversations.
  • We received overwhelming response of users who could actually relate to the quirky and engaging content pushed by us.
  • Over 300 thousand likes on Facebook and Instagram, 1 lakh views on You Tube and creating impressions on over 39 lakh Twitter users, we were certain about a fact that #HarMardKaDard campaign was indeed successful.
  • Sumit Sambhal Lega had 11,546 mentions resulting in 78 million potential impressions. Close to 8,200 mentions happened after the show started (10:00 p.m.) which indicated very healthy second screen behaviour. In comparison, Badtameez Dil had 2808 conversations at launch while Tere Sheher Mein had 2568 and Everest had 2774 conversations respectively.
  • The competitor channels, Colors and AND TV started with video memes after a week of publishing of video memes by us on Star Plus pages.


Indian users on Facebook and Twitter like humour and want the same. Engaging content consisting humour and easily understandable content is what the user can instantly relate to. Someone else’s pain is definitely your source of entertainment – this belief has certainly helped us to pull the campaign - #HarMardKaDard successfully.

Here’s the case study video: