Sumit Mehra Talks About Social Games At #Indiasocial12

by Prasant on April 5, 2022


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A post lunch session is always challenging for both the parties - audience as well as speaker. Nevertheless, Sumit Mehra, Executive Producer at Zynga made it interesting by sharing his thoughts and facts on the future of social gaming.

Sumit started his session by going back thirty years in the past and showed us how gaming has evolved over the time. Not only has the story telling improved but the graphics, user experience, etc. have drastically improved too in the last three decades. He shared from his own experience that games were more complex and it was then only for mature audiences. You couldn’t imagine playing a game between your family members but with the birth of social games, things have changed. The evolution of social gaming also gave birth to Zynga, which is one of the forerunners in the market today when social games is talked about. Even though I have never been interested in Farmville, one of the very popular games of Zynga but I have seen the madness of people playing it and sending app requests daily.

Sumit went on further sharing three principles which they at Zynga believe in :

1. Play is an activity along with being social.

2. Accessibility and simplicity. You should not need a booklet to learn a game. The user should log in and within five minutes he should know what is he supposed to do in the game.

3. Free to play for everyone.

I believe with 240 million active players on Zynga(1) and with games such as Farmville, CityVille, etc., Zynga is changing the social gaming sector very fast.

Before winding up, Sumit also shared his thoughts on what the future of social gaming would be. He believes that:

1. Metric driven game design would make games more interesting.

2. What do players really like and innovating them as games are 24*7*365 service.

3. Existing social games will mature.

A crisp presentation by Sumit that stresses on the fact that social games is a market that will grow for the sheer reason of its simplicity and for being social. Hopefully, as Sumit expressed at the end of his presentation, pretty soon questions like “Do you play games” would be obsolete!

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