Sujit Ganguli On Mobile Marketing & Customer Support Via Social Media At ICICI Bank [Video]

In this video interview Sujit Ganguli, Senior GM, Brand & Corporate Communications, ICICI Bank talks about mobile marketing and customer support via social media


“We were the first bank to launch a mobile app in 2008. In the last eighteen months, our app has the highest value share of transactions in the banking industry. Interestingly the value share number is growing in leaps and bounds,” shared Sujit Ganguli, Senior General Manager, Head Brand and Corporate Communications, ICICI Bank in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Sujit was sharing about the bank’s journey on mobile and how the company is positive about investing more on the platform. “All the data indicators are clearly stating that people, specially the young ones are on mobile. Even when we look at our own Facebook page access, people accessing via mobile is more compared to desktop. So we are also seeing the same trend.”

This is the second video conversation with Sujit. In the first part of the video conversation, he talks about the bank’s social media journey so far and the learning’s gained from the medium. He also shares the reason behind introducing banking via Facebook app and the gradual shift to building a complete app known as ‘Pockets’.

Sujit also addresses the question on how the bank fought against the growing concern of data misuse while doing such activities on Facebook.

In the latest video conversation, while Sujit talks about mobile marketing, he also shares his thoughts on ICICI bank’s customer support via social media and the interesting work the bank has done in the first half of 2014. “The bank’s philosophy is that wherever the customer is we need to support that channel. So all channels are important along with social media. We are constantly monitoring all kinds of chatter. Whenever there is a customer query, it is picked up quickly by a dedicated CRM team and goes to the banking team to get resolved. Today we also have a dedicated team to look after the social media queries.”