From Banking On Facebook To Building Pockets App – Sujit Ganguli Shares The ICICI Journey On Social Media [Video]

Sujit Ganguli, Head - Brand and Corporate Communications at ICICI Bank on how the bank has evolved on social media, how starting from banking on Facebook motivated them to build a Pockets app for secure banking transactions over Facebook


ICICI Bank, India’s second largest bank has been one of those banks which started slow on social media but over the time it has moved ahead in offering value added services to fans on the medium itself.

“Initial steps were very simple, start monitoring conversations and understanding them. The second step was to respond to the queries and provide service as required. Later on we launched social media channels which are doing well but of course we can do many more things. So the journey so far has been satisfactory for the bank,” shared Sujit Ganguli, Senior General Manager, Head Brand and Corporate Communications, ICICI Bank in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

In this first part of the video conversation, Sujit talks about the bank’s social media journey so far and the learnings gained from the medium. He also shares the reason behind introducing banking via Facebook app and the gradual shift to building a complete app known as ‘Pockets’.

‘Pockets by ICICI Bank’ is aimed towards a social way of banking. It assures a safe and simple way of banking, while you are Facebook-ing. In addition, it also offers features like recharging prepaid mobile phones or booking movie tickets. To get started with it, one has to register on the Facebook app with their debit card number and PIN. Designed as a complete website, the informative app has many social features including the ability to make transactions.

Sujit also addresses the question on how the bank fought against the growing concern of data misuse while doing such activities on Facebook.

Click on the video to watch and listen to some interesting thoughts from Sujit Ganguli: