Now Get Your Daily Professional Quotient From Subroto Bagchi On Facebook

A look at how the recently published 'The Professional Companion' by business author Subroto Bagchi is being promoted on social media, especially Facebook

When it comes to business books and their promotions on social media, one can only imagine mundane content you so often find on social networks these days. But, here’s a simple yet interesting promotion for the recently launched ‘The Professional Companion’ by India’s No.1 bestselling business author Subroto Bagchi. An application on a Facebook page asks questions everyday, following it up with the best professional advice in that specific context.

The concept matches with the idea of the book – ‘The Professional Companion’ is a companion volume to Bagchi’s earlier bestseller ‘The Professional’. It is like a DIY workbook with exercises that helps you to understand how professional your approach is in a given context along with enhancing your ability to face real life challenges and develop a broader outlook.

The Professional Quotient

Interestingly, the book is being jointly promoted by the publishers, Penguin India and the job portal, in partnership with social media management firm, Alive Now. The app titled ‘Professional Quotient by Subroto Bagchi’ is active on both the Facebook pages of Penguin India as well as Naukri. One has to ‘like’ the page to access the app. click on Participate and the question for the day is posed for you along with 3 answer choices.

The_professional_companionDepending on what you select, you will be served with more wisdom relating to the context. Along with the wisdom, the app then gives you the option to share it with your friends on Facebook, and also displays the ‘buy’ link, which takes you to the online store.

In addition, the Naukri page is also running a caption wiring contest where fans have to give a caption to the accompanying picture. The best entries could win a copy of the book.

Promotions matching with the book content

Earlier, social media promotions for books meant giving away your books to bloggers in return for reviews on their blog. At most, you arranged a contest and the winner could meet the author or receive a signed copy of the book. However, what we are seeing lately is a content-driven approach towards book promotions that match with the nature of the book.

The concept of the campaign – serving professional gyan through a Facebook application to promote a do-it-yourself professional guide – is impressive and well thought out. The Professional Quotient could also be your daily companion on Facebook, thereby getting you closer to buy The Professional Companion!

Besides, the choice of medium and the partnership with India’s leading jobs site, Naukri are welcome additions to the campaign. Being a ‘like’ campaign, the app will help grow the Facebook community of the respective pages, alongside taking care of the call-to-action from fans. The ‘Buy’ link makes the cycle almost complete though I’d prefer the buttons to be a bit smaller in size. The Professional Quotient’ though simple in its design and execution, works for me.

I hope you have enhanced your PQ for the day. Do let me know your thoughts on the campaign.