Subramanian Swamy’s Parody Account On Facebook Is The Clear Winner

Subramanian Swamy's unofficial FB page considered to be his page got deleted by Facebook. This comes after Swamy complained about the parody page which remains intact

Unofficial Subramaniam Swamy

Twitter is the territory of comedians and parody accounts of politicians. The keep us amused with their hilarious reactions in 140 characters while no one is spared. Don’t believe us, do check this - The 16 Most Hilarious Twitter Trends Of 2014.

But these days Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy’s parody account on Facebook is getting more attention than the politician’s verified profile on Twitter and his debates with TimesNow reporter Arnab Goswami.

Yesterday it was reported that after Subramanian Swamy took offense to his parody Facebook account, Facebook, instead of deleting the parody account, accidentally deleted Subramanian Swamy’s original page.

But that isn’t true! The page that stands deleted as of now isn’t Swamy’s official Facebook page. It is run by the ShankhNaad team but time and often the politician has endorsed the page by sharing its links on Twitter. But what is interesting to note here is that the parody Facebook account, Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy earlier known as “Subramanian Swamy” remains untouched. The page with 22K likes as of now has taken this in its stride to leave you in splits.


Post by Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy.

The entire episode goes back to 14th December when Swamy took to Twitter stating that his parody account is the doing of Congress and AAP to ruin his image. He in fact went one step ahead and threatened to sue Facebook for it.

The parody account did its best by passing the olive branch to amicably solve the issue. But it was too late.

Post by Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy.

Swamy’s desperation to file a legal case against Facebook was understood as the parody account has been throwing humorous bouncers (few of them shared below). While you need to have a big heart to take the regular jibes, it was also creating confusion for his supporters who were taking the parody account as a real one and sharing more.

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Real fun began when the Facebook page run by the ShankhNaad team disappeared. Reporters were quick to address the issue by stating that the official page of Swamy has been removed from Facebook. Many were wondering whether Facebook has already started listening to the BJP government. Or did Facebook show Swamy who is the daddy of social networks? Well nothing like that happened, however the parody account gave a funny explanation why it got deleted.


Later, Facebook in its official statement added - “Mr Swamy does not have a verified account on Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook Community Standards explicitly state: On Facebook people connect using their real names and identities. We ask that you refrain from publishing the personal information of others without their consent. Claiming to be another person, creating a false presence for an organization, or creating multiple accounts undermines community and violates Facebook’s terms,” a representative of the social network wrote, in a statement.”

By then it was too late and Twitter comedians were all armed with their jibes, as seen below.

In fact Swamy joined the party on Twitter by re-tweeting some of the tweets and sharing his explosive thoughts. The threats still continued.

However, the clear winner in this entire drama is the parody account that has now prefixed ‘unofficial’ to the page name. By the way the change in the name comes because of Facebook’s warning and not from Swamy’s threats, says the parody page. Meanwhile the humor still continues.

Post by Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy.