Here’s the list of case study submission types for the LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016

The LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016 will be considering case studies that highlight the innovations in marketing as well as media using mobile as the medium


In recognition of the awesome work by brands and their agencies in the Indian mobile marketing space, Lighthouse Insights recently launched ‘LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016’.

LI Mobile Marketing Awards are open for both agencies as well as brands.

Time frame for the submitted work – 2015 and first half of 2016.

One entry = 2 case studies (max) = Rs. 20,000/- plus taxes.

Meanwhile we have created a quick list to give you a better idea on what are the case studies we are accepting for these online awards.

Case study submission types:

  1. Marketing innovation:
  • Brand recall: A campaign where mobile has played the primary role to build awareness and brand mindshare.
  • Sales/Lead generation: A mobile marketing campaign which has successfully either drove leads or sales to meet business objectives.
  • Launch of a product/campaign: A campaign that has used mobile to launch and/or re-launch a product or service.
  • Consumer app/game: Innovative mobile Apps or Games developed to engage with target consumer and achieve brand objective.
  • Social campaign: A campaign where mobile has played the primary role to drive social change.
  1. Media innovation
  • Cross media integration: A campaign where mobile plays a role in Cross-Screen advertising.
  • In-app advertising: A campaign which innovatively uses various forms of mobile advertising like banner, push ads, videos, full page ads, among others.
  • Use of social media advertising: Campaigns featuring innovative use of mobile first social advertising.

We are accepting award entries till 16th September, 2016.

How to submit entries:

  1. Email us (connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in) the campaign details in a Word document according to the below format (entries not following the format will not be accepted):
  • About the client
  • About the agency
  • Problem statement
  • Identified objectives
  • The Strategy/ execution
  • Results
  • Observations/lessons
  1. Do provide screenshots for the results achieved and campaign images as separate attachments in the email.
  2. If you have visuals/video that show results then just share the video links with the campaign details.

Do read what a brand/agency gains by participating in these awards – 3 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016.


  • Entries need to be submitted only in Word doc format. Any other format will not be accepted.
  • Share relevant images as a separate attachment.
  • This is an online event and is open for brands as well as agencies.
  • One can send multiple entries.
  • Submission fees remain the same even if you submit one case study per entry.
  • Submission fees remain fixed, we do not get into negotiations.

For any further queries, you can reach out to us at connect[@]lighthouseinsights[.]in