Styledotme - Your Personalized Fashion Community, Allows Friends To Rate Your Choices

Review of Styledotme Android app where users can instantly poll their friends and followers to help make their choices, while choosing what to wear or buy

This top or that, which one should I wear with my navy blue jeans? The silver clutch or the red one, which one goes with my black dress? Styling gets complicated when you have too many things to choose from, unless you have a personal stylist advising you on the go. Recently, I came across a solution for this in the form of an Android app called ‘Styledotme’, founded by shopaholic, Meghna Saraogi, when the helpful app was covered at YourStory.

Styledotme claims to be your personalized fashion community. When you are confused on what to wear or buy, you can share the photos of both your final choices and instantly poll your friends and followers and get them to help you by rating your choices. If you need help to make a choice urgently, a timer can be attached to your SOS notification that will count down to remind friends of your deadline. Now this sounded interesting.

Launched February of this year, the app is reported to have 300 downloads with 200 active users. It has also received an average rating of 4.6 from 45 users, which prompted me to check it out.

Getting started with Styledotme

First off, I liked the hot pink on a light grey background for the home page interface with the neat card layout design. Simple and to the point. One begins by a one-time registration through Facebook or Twitter; an email signup is also available.

Styledotme home

I tried registering through my Twitter, but it didn’t allow that, next I tried a Facebook login – it was successful but I was thrown back to the main screen. Finally, I registered through the short email signup process. The app makers might need to look at the social login process.

Begin by building your own set of style advisors and your profile The app enables you to find and invite your Facebook friends, and also recommends Styledotme users to follow. I changed my background and profile pic along with adding up a bio to my profile. Profile pages feature your posts, votes, followers and following list.

Stuff you can do

The primary focus of Styledotme is to help you make your choice.

styledotme post

Click the big camera icon at the center and take a pic or upload from the gallery. The app provides interesting filters to apply to your image like Vintage, Elegant, Hip, Retro, Chic, etc. If you want to create a poll between two choices, you can upload another pic using the same process.

I clicked ‘next’ to just share my image. The app asks you to add a question or a caption and share it. I tried adding two images next time, it allowed me to set a timer till when I needed help starting from 15 minutes to upto 2 hours. I said, “No it’s not urgent!’ After you post, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter or also remove it.

Styledotme image filter

You can participate in others’ polls by going through the ‘Feed’ and clicking on the pink ‘Dot me’ button. The app processes your vote and gives you the poll percentage; you can vote only once. Add your comments if you need to say something too. Here, I would have preferred if the app allowed me to follow other users whose comments I find interesting. This way the app helps you build a like-minded group along with your Facebook friends.

‘Popular’ as the name suggests, shows you the popular posts on the network. Here, the app enables you to follow the users.

The ‘News’ tab did not load at all.

Should you use Styledotme?

Apart from the slight response lag and my misadventures with the app, Styledotme is a convenient app to be recommended for the ones who like to take opinions. It is simple, intuitive and user friendly and does what it is supposed to do.

The app needs to be thoroughly tested though, as even a little bug might dissuade users from trying it out. The social login process and the news tab need to be worked on right away before making it more user-friendly.

The concept although useful isn’t a novel one. Last year, we had reviewed Hammer, an Indian social network where you can ask questions, share opinions and make friends. Now equipped with a mobile app, Hammer does the same job of getting opinions from your friends on the go.

Styledotme is comparatively very new, and can weigh on its timer concept, which by giving friends a deadline ensures functional efficiency of the app. Do give it a shot and share your experiences.