Why This Lozenges Brand Is Getting Montu To Speak Up Via #AbMontuBolega

Strepsils India has launched #AbMontuBolega campaign where the lozenges brand is urging people to speak up on the things that matter to them, and win gift vouchers

Strepsils ab montu bolega

Brands are trying to bond like never before. While a coffee brand is helping a stammering standup comedian make his mark, here is a lozenges maker that helped this guy speak up finally. Lozenges brand Strepsils is evolving beyond being the medicated sore throat lozenge of India to being an enabler of peoples’ opinions, with #AbMontuBolega.

Sore throat might not be the biggest hurdle in letting us express ourselves fully, our self-doubt or rather fear is. The brand wants to bring about a change in this through the ‘Ab Montu Bolega’ campaign. It wants to get people on social media to speak up about the things that matter using the hashtag #AbMontuBolega.

The campaign is being supported with an interactive website featuring Montu, and social media promotions using topical issues. But, who is Montu?

Montu, the protagonist of the campaign represents that repressed voice that has finally found its calling. The two-minute film ‘Ab Montu Bolega’ stars a boy named Montu who never speaks up for himself, not even when his parents fight over making him an engineer or a doctor when he wanted to be a painter, or when his gang of friends decide on drinking and driving. But he finally speaks up for his female colleague, whom the boss wouldn’t let go without completing her work despite it being late night.

The website has Montu carrying a loud speaker urging the viewer to speak up every now and then. One can click on any of the drop icons and Montu starts communicating at once. You can click to know Montu’s opinion, popular opinions or more about Strepsils. The interactivity is interesting; for example, when you click on the stack of books below, Montu will pick up a book and open it for you.

You can add your opinions into the text box, a tweet will be generated pre-filled with the campaign hashtag #AbMontuBolega. The trending topics as of now have been on Modi’s ‘Make in India’ request to the world and on Indian Super League (ISL). Every week the 5 most relevant and well-articulated entries stand to win gift vouchers.

Strepsils_ab_montu_bolega_websiteThe brand’s social media properties are initiating conversations with the help of trending topics in the country. The Facebook and Twitter pages have been sharing appealing visuals on topical issues, while encouraging users to join in the hashtag driven conversations.

Not just a simple lozenges

Strepsils’ ‘Ab Montu Bolega’ campaign marks the lozenges maker’s foray into a larger vision on digital. The brand does not want to be just your sore throat reliever, it is looking to establish itself as an enabler of peoples’ opinions. And what best than to start from social media where people are free to voice their opinions on the things that matter to them.

The interactive website together with the hashtag driven conversations on social media make up for a well-aligned campaign for the brand objective. By leveraging trending topics on social media, Ab Montu Bolega gets a good headstart to get people to join in.

The campaign concept will help reposition Strepsils, however it hasn’t seemed to have picked up on social buzz. Perhaps, one of the reasons is that the storytelling in the ‘Ab Montu Bolega‘ film does not build up enough steam to create a strong reason for Montu to speak up. Or, that people on social media are not really keen to speak up to win gift vouchers from a brand; they do not need a platform to speak up, what they need is a brand that brings in significant change.

Ab Montu Bolega looks interesting and hopefully starts buzzing soon with little tweaks.