Stop Pasting The New Facebook Guidelines, It Is A Hoax

About Facebook users pasting the new Facebook Guidelines which is nothing but a hoax

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5 Years back in time

Monday morning you walk into the office with the blues. Later you grab a coffee and then you discuss how your weekend was with your favourite colleague clinging to his cubical. The next action plan would be checking your mail and the second or third mail would be – “XXX no of people have got YYY amount of wealth and if you forward it to 10 people in the next 10 mins you will get the same wealth or in next 30 days you will witness a loss of so much of wealth.” And thus started the spam email chain without even seeing what is it and I have also been a victim at times.

Fast forward today

Everything is the same today but there is an extra addition to our mundane work – checking Facebook. Like all others at around 9 A.M. I checked my Facebook account second time from the morning and instead of weekend party photos, I was seeing a lengthy message being copied and pasted by every alternate guy and popping on my feed. I found some influential guys doing it and that is when I seriously thought I should not be missing out if it is an important news or development in the social or digital world.


But it took me 2 minutes to understand that this is spam and people are doing just Ctrl C & Ctrl V without even reading it. The message appears like the one pasted in the screen grab and I am sure by now you have either pasted it on your profile or have read someone blasting on his wall that please don’t post this rubbish on my news feed.

Is the Facebook policy a hoax?

Yes it is a pretty known hoax and has been confirmed by the Hoax-Slayer and Snopes. Both the websites are well known sites who debunk rumors. You can read the extensive explanation in the above embedded links if you are interested.

However, if you were trusting this line to be real : UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICES, then Hoax and Slayers has this to say: Shame that law has no relevance to Internet privacy isn’t it? Those particular paragraphs pertain to Commercial law – that’s why it’s called “Uniform Commercial Code” and are meaningless in the context of this inane piece of crud that is virally being posted all over Facebook.”

However, if you do not agree with Facebook’s stated policies then you have three choices, as shared by

1. Decline to sign up for a Facebook account.

2. Bilaterally negotiate a modified policy with Facebook.

3. Cancel your Facebook account.

Else you can also follow the steps shared by Nameet Potnis to protect your Facebook privacy:

facebook privacy policy settings

So please don’t copy paste such texts, we have enough spam going around in Facebook!