Stockezy, An Indian Social Investing Community

by Prasant on October 18, 2021

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I was never good at numbers and it has always been like that. This was also one of the reasons that kept me away from investing in stocks. I was scared to invest but at the same time I was also tempted when my brother was making money from it. Today times have changed and now you can rationally invest in stocks. There are lots of offline and online information’s but is there a social network for it? Yes Stockezy is India’s first social investing community which makes investing in stocks really fun and easy. The network helps you to invest based on recommendations from either experts or people whom you trust. Often businesses that are regulated by regulatory bodies in India have kept a distance from social media but Stockezy is trying to kill this myth.

Features of Stockezy

Profile: Stockezy has a simple profile and at first look you might get some remembrance of old Facebook. Profile has the normal features such as Wall, Info, Friends, etc. The Dashboard looks quite interesting and has features such as Stock Picks, F&O Picks, Q&A, Portfolio and Watchlist.




As discussed above about the features of a dashboard, find the details below:

Stock Picks: This feature allows you to monitor a stock. You need to search a company and you can monitor depending upon how much you want to buy or sell. Stock Picks are further divided into further sub groups such as Active, Closed, Target Hit and Stop Loss.

Stock Picks


F&O Picks: This is another feature that gives you details about the Futures and Options that you have invested or you want to watch before investing.



Q&A: It is an exciting feature for a social network like Stockezy. The feature is no different from other Q&A sites but the investing angle really gives a second look to this feature. You can obviously track your answered questions, questions asked by you, etc. Personally this is a feature that could be the USP of this product. As a layman I would like to ask lot of questions to people about which are the profitable stocks or which are the ones that needs to be left aside etc. Questions can really be a great tool to provide such information.



Portfolio and Watchlist: Portfolio feature gives you the flexibility to manage your profile neatly and assess it from time to time. It gives you the details of your Current Holdings, Equity Allocations, P&L Statement and Gainers & Losers. An exciting way to see all your investments in a snapshot.



Watchlist: It is a promising feature that will provide in-depth insights for all your investments. Insights on stocks, Trading Ideas and Announcements are some of the features of Watchlist which is promising but are a paid service after a trial of two weeks.


Analysts: A section that is another USP of Stockezy. Analysts are a forum that lists members according to the advice provided. For e.g. if you are a smart day trader and your advices have been helpful then you can stand a chance to be a “Top Day Trade Analyst”. Likewise Stockezy brings a great way of rewarding its members and there are cash prizes to be won for your advices too.




Stockezy may not have the glitz or the cool look and feel for now but it has some great features that will drive people to it. Features such as Portfolio, Q&A and Analysts will motivate laymen like me. If in doubt, I can raise my concerns about a stock in the Q&A section and I can also follow influential analysts in the Analysts section to learn from them.

If you are a professional trader, then do let us know your thoughts about Stockezy. Meanwhile in our next post we would share thoughts from the co-founder and CEO of Stockezy,Tushar Makhija.


Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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