Stayzilla Fights Trademark Violation By Oyo Rooms With Witty #OYoMama Tweets

Armed with witty #OYoMama memes on Twitter, Stayzilla fights back a case of trademark violation by competing brand, Oyo Rooms


Twitter is getting fun day by day. Competing brands have started talking to each other like they would never do elsewhere. Read “What’s An Amazon Delivery Box Doing In A Flipkart Office?“ Earlier this month, who would have imagined that a few brands would get together for a Holi party and tweet about their love for the festival of colours and how the other could bring out the best in them. Read “When Sony, Tata Docomo, Godrej Expert And Bingo Snacks Engaged In A Pre-Holi Bash On Twitter”.

But what happens when a brand decides to get even via Twitter, after finding that a close competitor has misused its trademark? The world gets #OYoMama jokes of another kind!

Oyo Rooms that claims to be India’s fastest growing chain of standardised branded budget hotels with rooms starting at Rs999 only, used the brand name of Stayzilla - India’s largest online marketplace for stays - in its Google AdWords copy, which is a clear case of trademark violation. An Intellectual Property Rights lawyer, Suhasini Kandaswamy says, “This is not only a trademark violation but also a strong violation of Google’s advertising policy,” in her Storify capture of the sequence of events thereafter.

Last Friday, one of Stayzilla’s customers shared a screenshot of the Google ad with them, setting alight a series of tweets by Stayzilla Twitter handle to Oyo Rooms Twitter handle.

Taken aback by this direct confrontation on Twitter, Oyo Rooms was forced to reply. Although it was more like a uniform grievance redressal response, Oyo tried hard to be cool and even pointed out that it was a partner to Stayzilla.

While Oyo was reportedly working on the said issue, Stayzilla came up with its arsenal of #OYoMama jokes, as a small punishment to Oyo.

Listed below are the #OYoMama memes sent by Stayzilla to Oyo Rooms:

This was way too much for Oyo Rooms to take in full public view. Oyo Rooms didn’t quite like the #OyoMama jokes, and tried really hard to get back at Stayzilla. It failed miserably though!

It all ended on a funny note too:

Twitter is truly turning into a hotbed of brand conversations.Impressed to see brands resorting to humour to settle trademark violation issues. Kudos to Stayzilla and its social media team!