Stayfree’s Time To Change Social Media Campaign

Stayfree's Time To Change Social Media Campaign with the help of a blogging contest on Indiblogger, a Facebook app and a Women's day marathon

Do you recall the TVCs by Johnson & Johnson owned Stayfree where the girl says ‘if it irritates you, change it’? Quite a refreshing concept for a sanitary napkin advertisement! The brand has now carried forward this message to the online world and we see a range of ‘Time to change’ campaigns on Indiblogger and Facebook amplifying this message further.

The Stayfree ‘Time to change’ Blogger contest on Indiblogger

On women’s day, Stayfree launched the ‘Be the voice of change’ blogging contest on Indiblogger that asks bloggers to share what they would want to change around them. And there are some fourteen cool prizes to be won too with the grand prize being an Apple iPad 2. Like all other contests, this contest too is being discussed at the Indiblogger forum.  And again it is a delight to see the blogger community ask, answer and listen to each other to get motivated or clarified about the contest.

Stayfree Time to change contest on Indiblogger

With active blogger communities and the readership they command, more and more brands are giving bloggers their due. While some bloggers write reviews for brands professionally, there are others who do it for a contest. The latter is seen as good for a brand whereas the former may be questioned on its biasness. This move by Stayfree is definitely a smart one; one that will not only give bloggers a chance to express themselves in return for an incentive but also help the brand to position itself as a ‘believer in change’.

Bringing down the Wall of Irritation on Facebook

Along with the blogging contest, Stayfree has also tried to run an interesting campaign for it’s community of 50,000 fans on it’s Facebook brand page. An app was created on Facebook called ‘Bring down the wall of irritation’ which is made up of issues that are irritating to say the least – from child labour, eve teasing and corruption to domestic violence, dowry deaths and begging. You had to select an issue that irritated you and also share what you would do to bring about change. Click on ‘Add a Picbadge’ and add one to your profile picture to show your support to the movement and you could also share it with your friends.

An interesting idea by the brand as the common man is already frustrated today with loads of problems in day to day life. Not only does it ask fans for their opinion but also entices them to do something to make the change happen. Although adding the Pic Badge is a common concept, it makes a fan proud in her network that she has stood for a cause  as well as helps spread the word about the campaign.

Stayfree Bring down wall of irritation app
Stayfree Bring down wall of irritation app

Tying an online campaign with an offline one is not always possible but if done could really bridge the gap and Stayfree has done exactly this with the campaign. On March 11, Stayfree and DNA had organized the ‘I can’ Women’s day half marathon in Mumbai with the idea of breaking the wall of irritation. The marathon was supported by hundreds of women supporting different causes and also had NGOs supporting cancer, education for girls, etc.

Stayfree DNA 'I can' women's marathon

Associating the ‘irritation’ aspect to social issues and bringing about the ‘change’ movement goes well with the brand message of ‘if it irritates you, change it’. The concept not only sits perfectly with the brand message but also works well towards creating a socially responsible brand image.

It is a brilliant campaign by Stayfree as it blended well with it’s new product launch and in my opinion, some of the reasons are:

  • Blogging has everlasting powers online and Stayfree has smartly milked it. Not only has it chosen the biggest blogging community Indiblogger to engage for but also tempted bloggers with exciting gifts, to blog about the positive changes that they would like to bring in. These hundreds of blogs would be archived and always be available online and they will not only talk about the change but also talk about the brand that initiated it. I think the reach and effectiveness of a blog is far more when compared to other mediums.
  • Building an app on Facebook on the similar lines of its objective was really cool. The best part is that the underline strategy remained same only the way of execution changed with the change in medium. Since Facebook is a more social place, adding the Pic Badge and supporting the cause was a brilliant idea.
  • Giving a free sample of the new product to it’s Facebook fans.
  • Finally tying online and offline together into the same objective and blending with International Women’s Day was the last master stroke.

The campaign has many takeaways for brands who are engaging on social media. And if you are interested in blogging to bring about a positive change, then make sure you do so before 10th of April, 2012.