State of Mobile Advertising - Mobile Video Advertising Booming, Android Leads In Ad Revenues

Mobile advertising data Q1 2015 from Opera Mediaworks shows Android is leading in traffic as well as revenue and mobile video advertising is booming

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Mobile advertising data from first quarter of 2015 shows Android not just leading in traffic, but even on revenue by holding a 45.8 percent share of total revenue generated on the platform. This is revealed in the State of Mobile Advertising report by Opera Mediaworks.

The ad platform, which serves 90 percent of the top global advertisers and touches 800 million unique mobile users noted that social networking and games generate the most revenue. Additionally the report also highlights that in emerging countries mobile advertising is in a high growth phase and mobile video advertising is booming. Listed below are 7 charts that summarize the state of mobile advertising in Q1, 2015 (Click for the entire report).

Android is global leader for traffic and revenue

Android not just leading in traffic, but even on revenue by holding a 45.8 percent share of total revenue generated on the platform. In the first quarter of 2015, Android continues to dominate the market, with a 65.2% share of impressions – a nudge higher than the 62.7% of Q4 2014, but a big push up from its 42.8% share of one year ago.

iOS and tablets are still tops for monetization

In terms of monetization potential or the ratio of revenue to impressions, iOS is still the leader, with the iPad generating more than 4X its traffic volume in Q1. Android tablets are making headway, too, as revenue increased this quarter now to be just over par with their traffic volume.

However, it is important to note that iOS devices reach higher monetization levels, primarily because those devices have a larger market share in regions where advertising rates are higher, such as Western Europe and the United States.

Social sites and apps lead in revenue

Social Networking apps continue to reign supreme in terms of total traffic across the Opera Mediaworks platform, with a 30.2% share of impressions. Social Networking is also now the largest revenue producer for Opera, taking over the leading spot from Music, Video & Media.

US leads in terms of traffic and revenue generation

While the United States is still the clear leader in terms of traffic and revenue generation, there is significant expansion of mobile advertising in Asia, the Americas and Africa. This expansion inevitably causes a relative decline in market share across both metrics for the United States and Europe, but those markets continue to grow in volume, too.

Video advertising is booming

In the past year, the share of impressions from video ad formats has increased over 5X, from 2.5% of all impressions in Q1 2014 to now just over 12.8% of impressions. Meanwhile, revenue from video has grown to become over 55% of revenue delivered to publishers.

U.S. consumers are viewing significantly more video ads than consumers in the rest of the world. Besides Video advertising is growing in popularity across a number of brand verticals. Movie & Television Entertainment advertisers are the clear leader for use of video ads in their campaigns.