Star World India Launches “The Front Row” On Facebook

An article on the news that Star World India Launches "The Front Row" hosted by Anupama Chopra On Facebook

I don’t watch TV for quite a few years now. Coming to think of it, I feel these are the three reasons why – 1) It eats a lot of my time, 2) I think it is slow in the real-time world and 3) It shows me what I am not interested in. And then comes Youtube or any other online video site that shows me everything what I want. I can select what I want to see, I can see the same HD quality videos for free and above all it is real-time. I have always said that if television has to survive, it has to be more real-time and show what viewers want rather than just following the trend.

Sony PIX television realized this way before the end of 2011 and so it re-started the popular “Chicks on Flicks” on social media, which was also reported by us. Fans started getting real-time movie reviews by the gorgeous presenters – Ira and Neha, which rationally made more sense and has also got a great response on Youtube (check the hits of these review videos and the comments too). Come to think of it, you actually have to wait for a week on television to check out the review of a movie, which is already a week old. Recently, I came across a Facebook ad that said to check out which movie to catch and what to ditch on the Front Row with Aunpama Chopra. Tempting offer for me who is always on the hunt for exciting news and so I landed up on the below app –“The Front Row”

star world india facebook app

The Front Row Facebook App :

The Front Row is a new show hosted by the acclaimed film critic and book author, Anupama Chopra. Star World India is starting it from April 27,  every Friday at 8:30 P.M. To spread the word the brand is heavily banking on social media as one of the forms of promotion. The Facebook app    has an embedded video which gives you a sneak peek of the show. The app, which is more or less a static page, has an embedded Twitter stream of Anupama Chopra and also a list of movies reviewed by Anupama. The app is informative but it could have added few of the Facebook basic features that could have made it go more viral. Features like sharing and comments widget could have been added.

the front row with anupama chopra
Facebook Update

Besides this, the Facebook page is thick with exciting snippets of the show. A must for making your fans aware of the program. And these updates are also not going unnoticed as you can see from the below image.

It all looks good from the top but my question is this – will the show provide with the latest unbiased movie reviews on Friday itself. If it is, then the show is ready to give some stiff competition to “Chicks on Flicks”. If it is not, then it would go down as any other show despite the Bollywood glamour.

In addition to this, it would be great if these videos are released at the same time on social media sites or may a day before for its fans on social media. A trend that has been followed by many brands in the recent times where the brands have released the TVC first on Facebook. This will not only give more eyeballs to the program but it will also help create positive world of mouth.

So all you television folks, do have a look and let me know about the show and I will check it if they air it on Facebook or Youtube. So don’t you think – if today television has to match up with the pace of social media, it has to be more real-time and provide tailor-made content. Let us know what are your thoughts.