Star Sports India Apologizes For The Abusive Tweet Made Yesterday

Star Sports India responds to yesterday's abusive Twitter blooper, with an apology and a clarification on how the abusive tweet found its way into its Twitter stream

No account hack, no arrogance shown, the brand sincerely issues an apology on Twitter for the abusive blooper made yesterday. Around 10 PM yesterday Star Sports India shared three tweets which not only accepted that a mistake has been done from the brand’s Twitter account earlier in the day but also added a reason for the mishap.

 The below tweets summarize the story from the brand’s end:

All this has happened for an abusive tweet that had been shared from the brand’s Twitter handle which has more than 142K followers.

Star Sports India Twitter blooper

The abusive tweet which was tweeted around 6 PM yesterday was quickly deleted but not before it received 104 retweets, 25 favorites and many screenshots. Meanwhile the brand after deleting the tweet was back again to its tweeting spree as if nothing had happened. However, the social media crowd got a nice new topic to have a laugh over the evening.

Indeed, it is a human error and this won’t be the last incident to happen. At the same time it is good to see the brand coming upfront and accepting that a mistake has occurred. Third Party vendor abuse may have happened if the brand has integrated the Twitter stream with its microsite and a vendor might have been testing to check the proper implementation, and ended up expressing his personal angst through the brand’s Twitter stream by mistake.

However, what is surprising is that the Twitter blooper occurred at 6 PM and the brand’s acknowledgement message came at 10 PM. Can we have a four-hour delay on a medium like Twitter where things can trend in no time and at the same time your reputation could be lynched in seconds? Shouldn’t the brand have quickly tweeted an acknowledgment that an error has indeed occurred? The investigation can always happen thereafter but the brand chose to investigate first for four hours, while the Twitter account ignored the mishap. By the time the investigation was done and the mishap acknowledged, the damage was done.

Perhaps the brand could learn a lesson or two from the incident. In your bad times, all your social media strategies are tested. And as I said yesterday, blunders like this are also bound to happen when you are managing a social media account for a brand while balancing your personal social space too. It is always better to access both the streams from different devices; the likelihood of such social media bloopers would be reduced for the better.