India’s First YouTube 360 Video By STAR Plus Manages To Impress 44 M Digital Users

Case study on India’s first ever YouTube 360 video created for Dance Plus, a dance reality show on Star Plus, that led to the first episode garnering top TV ratings


The Brand

Star Plus is India’s leading Hindi GEC with content that caters predominantly to women and is loved by the masses.

Problem Statement

In the midst of various dance reality shows on television, we dared to do something different. Dance Plus was a show that showcased superlative dancing, where the contestants, judges and the host were all on the same platform (everybody on the show was a dancer, including the host!)

The challenge at hand was to break through the clutter and fatigue of the various dance shows already on television which have been traditionally marketed through push strategy.

By pulling audiences to watch our content, we managed to engage with audiences in a way never seen before by Indian audiences.


Objective of this piece of content marketing was to make people stand up and take notice of a dance video being delivered in 360. The strategy of being the first ones to use this innovative technology in India was to get as many views for the video (because of the immersive and engaging user experience) while also weaving in the communication about the new show Dance Plus.

The Strategy/Execution

The Big Idea – Youtube360

Keeping in mind the innovative format of the show, we decided to use Google’s latest capability of uploading 360 videos on YouTube.

This video streaming service now serves up videos that let you look in any direction—not just where the camera is pointing. You can even pause and move the phone in any direction and see what is happening. This gives viewers a feeling of owning the video and being present LIVE!

The video strategically ends with Remo D’Souza inviting the user to tune in to Dance Plus at the specific time. (NOTE: Please watch on Android phone on YouTube app for the best experience, or in the Google Chrome browser on desktop)

Not only was the creative compelling to watch, it was promoted on the YouTube mobile masthead for 24 hours a day before the launch of the show which helped generate more buzz and conversations.

Celebrities were aligned and leveraged to promote this unique and disruptive masterpiece.

Entire STAR Network also supported the never-seen-before initiative and helped generate conversations organically.


This was a first of its kind video on YouTube (India) which allowed two-way engagement and active viewing (as opposed to passive viewing). This video was promoted on the YouTube mobile masthead for 24 hours and crossed half a million views in just a few hours after its launch.

  • India’s first ever #YouTube360 video managed to impress 34 million people on Facebook and reach over 10 million people on Twitter.
  • Celebs, STAR Network and users were amazed by this initiative by STAR Plus and could not stop raving about it.
  • This video also featured on YouTube’s global channel of 360 videos alongside 360 videos of Star Wars, Nike and Avicii.

Recently, Shahrukh Khan starrer Dilwale implemented the concept for the making of one of their songs.

Here’s the case study video which includes qualitative and quantitative achievements of this Youtube360 video:


In an industry and medium where it is convenient to use push strategy, and content marketing is synonymous with video marketing, we tried to do something different by making compelling content, which with a mix of push from a strategic media buy (YouTube masthead) and organic conversations from engaged viewers, gave an immersive experience to the viewers.

This innovative video helped generate a lot of buzz for the launch of the show. (First episode rated 2.5 TVR- one of the top ratings for any dance reality show)