Star Movies Launches ‘Life Of I’ For The TV Premiere Of ‘Life Of Pi’

Star Movies has launched an interactive digital game for the promotions of 'Life of Pi' TV premiere, the game 'Life of I' is a personalized journey that recreates the movie experience


Can you survive the high seas with nothing but a boat and a tiger? Reminds you of the award winning movie by Ang Lee ‘Life of Pi’, doesn’t it? There’s a storm on the sea, and the only two survivors on a boat, Pi Patel and a Bengal tiger make it through an epic journey of adventure and discovery to learn a thing or two about each other at the end of it. If you haven’t watched it, you can watch the television premiere this Sunday on the 27th of October on Star Movies at 1 and 9 pm.

For the TV premiere, Star Movies has launched an exciting campaign that recreates the experience for fans with the iconic moments that Pi had in the film. Created by Grey Digital, the campaign called ‘Life of I’ is a personalized digital journey, created using a fan’s Facebook login and a set of physical, emotional and social challenges to progress in the journey. Interestingly, the final piece of the puzzle will be flashed during the TV premiere!

Life of I leverages social

Hosted on a microsite ‘Life of I’, will provide a personalized, unique video of your most memorable moments, in the game as well as in real life at the end of the game, which you can share with your social networks. For the winners, it gets even more exciting – a trip to Taiwan, Puducherry and Munnar, the landmark places in Pi’s journey. Enter the microsite and click ‘play’ to get started, if you are done with the wallpapers, cast and trivia.


I logged in through Facebook and the interactivity along with background score and graphics got me impressed at once. There are 8 levels and I did manage to complete all of them. The game needs you to find clues on a Facebook timeline, send a postcard to your friends before your journey, invite 10 of your Facebook friends, save Richard Parker the tiger, type in a Morse code that you receive by an SMS, among other tasks.

The game has also helped build buzz for the premiere on social. Star Movies has been spreading the word on its Facebook and well as Twitter pages, with updates and  engaging contests. A Facebook app called ‘Play Life of Pi‘ on the channel’s brand page with a 2.4 million strong fan base, also takes fans to the microsite game. Besides, the Twitter handle has been creating conversations around the hahstag #LifeOfPi. It asked users what they would do in Taiwan using #IfIWereInTaiwan and #LifeOfPi. Yesterday it was all about engaging users through sharing their dream journeys.

Connecting the online with the offline

“Life of I” is an impressive campaign in a long time, I must say! It has integrated gamification with social engagement and reach, along with sticking to its objective – promoting the premiere. The graphics, sounds and animation, the social integration and sharing angle, and relevant incentives for participation are all instrumental in making this campaign a right fit to not only create social media buzz for the TV premiere, but also drive maximum viewership for it.

What stands out is the bit about the rescue code being flashed on-air during the premiere, ensuring players watch the movie to complete their very own ‘Life of Iand win big. Meaningful gratifications that give you an experience of the movie in the form of an interesting cover photo, wallpaper and a personalised video that summarizes a participant’s entire journey, are the added incentives for a user to go for the next levels.

For the launch of the American TV series, Lost, Zee Café had created a microsite designed like an island. Each participant could generate a boarding pass with a unique ticket number at the virtual island. The winning ticket number to win an all-expenses paid trip to an island, was flashed during the first episode of the telecast, ensuring the online crowd connected on television too.

Cool graphics, smooth execution and a clever idea make ‘Life of I’ a memorable one, what do you say?