Star Movies India Goes All Social For ‘The Avengers’ Premiere

A look at Star Movies social media promotions. especially the Facebook Avengers game, for its Republic Day premiere of the box office hit 'The Avengers'


Star Movies India, the channel which brings the latest in Hollywood is known for its big TV premieres. This Republic Day, the channel is all set to premiere ‘The Avengers’, where superheroes get together to save mankind. With one of the biggest box office collections at the theatrical release in India, Star Movies is leaving no stone unturned to promote the action movie on all mediums, as part of a 360-degree marketing campaign comprising print, online, OOH and television.

With ads on YouTube and a steady stream of updates on its Facebook page as early as December, the channel has been promoting the premiere to its target audience which is the youth that is quite active on social networking sites. The channel didn’t stop at that; the Star Movies Facebook page offers an interesting app to experience more about the Avengers.

The Avengers Facebook game app

There is no need to ‘like’ the page to access the app. The app welcomes you with a flash animated action image featuring the heroes and tabs that bring a variety of offers to the movie fans.


It is a boon for Marvel comic fans with loads of information about the heroes that form The Avengers  - Captain America, Thor, Black Widow to name a few - and free downloads and related videos. ‘Team Avengers’ gives an introduction about each of the superheroes along with his/her special powers and weapons. ‘Downloads’ offers wallpapers at varying resolutions while ‘Videos’ is the most interesting of the lot. Fans can watch interviews featuring the various actors. In one of the videos, Scarlett Johansson who plays the Black Widow and Jeremy Renner who plays the Hawkeye talk about their characters and how it was playing them.

The last two tabs are puzzles that could get fans solving them the whole day. The Slider puzzle has a set of 6 jigsaw puzzles featuring each of the 6 heroes on the 6 sides of a cube. There are 3 difficulty levels with each level increasing in the number of jigsaw pieces. You need to solve all 6 puzzles to unlock a video. Additionally, you could get 2 bonus puzzles too! You can watch the trailer, go to the movies website or share the puzzle game with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Binary puzzle initialises the intranet of the international peacekeeping organization S.H.I.E.L.D. You can become a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee through the cognitive training exercises at various levels of difficulty - basic, refresher, advanced and expert. The puzzles involve swapping two pieces, flipping or rotating them over and all this to be done fast before Loki could cause mayhem! The interesting part about the binary puzzle is that the pieces are in action and not static like the Slider puzzle, bringing more fun to this game.

Television bonding with social media

Earlier, the channel had impressed us with the social media buzz for its New Year’s Eve premiere ‘Breaking Dawn’, but the scale on which its Republic Day premiere is being promoted on social media, promises a great future for digital in the entire marketing mix. Moreover, the Avengers Facebook app with its wallpaper downloads, actor videos and puzzles, are a haven to The Avengers aficionados. Apart from just exciting updates about the movie on Facebook, the idea of bringing something more for the fans in the form of a game app, is a promising move.

The well-designed app with its smooth navigation and attention to detail, coupled with being rightly aligned to its target audience is an outright success. Perhaps, this is the road ahead for TV premieres of  blockbusters at the box office. When SET MAX had a TV premiere for the multi-crore movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger‘ last month, the channel created a Facebook app, where fans had to unlock levels to get to the Tiger’s Hall of Fame and win an iPhone5.

This year seems to be on the path of cementing the bond between television and social media, if 2012 had already laid the foundation. We are witnessing this across most television production houses, be it for their daily soaps or movie premieres. Social media is being extensively employed to reach out and create conversations.

So, have you played The Avengers game? What do you think about the campaign?