Star Movies India Brings Bond on Facebook

Star Movies India Brings Bond on Facebook

‘The Name is Bond, James Bond’, every time you hear this line, you think of  a black tuxedo,  an Aston Martin, dry Martini and the exotic Bond girls. Well, that’s the charisma of the best spy Hollywood has ever created onscreen. And if you ever thought to be Bond, then this is your small chance to be a part of it. The English movie channel, Star Movies India has launched a series of interactive apps and information on their dynamic Facebook fan page with a tab known as ‘Forever Bond’. This is to promote the Bond Film Festival, titled as ‘Forever Bond’ that will run on your idiot boxes this July.

Forever Bond App

The ‘Forever Bond’ tab on Facebook fan page is as lethal as Bond. It has quite a few interesting sections to keep you busy.

  • ‘Home’: This gives you the destructive power of Bond. Just drag the 007 bookmark on any website that you hate or like to destroy. Once you drag a small prompt is enabled and you have a cool Aston Martin car waiting for you. Use the arrow key of your pc/laptop to drive it and the space bar to launch the mayhem. The app provides you with different modes such as ‘Flame Thrower’,’Machine Guns’, ‘Laser’, etc. Try them and you would feel the excitement believing you too are a gaming freak like us.


Play Bond and Drive the Car
  • ‘Videos’ and ‘Quiz’ give you some entertainment and check your Bond IQ.
  • ‘How to be Bond’ is a cool section and if you a girl or a guy  who had dreamt of being a Bond girl or dress up like a handsome Bond, then here is a chance to find some cool tips. And if you love the classic Bond Martini then learn here how to make it and later you may impress your friends. With all this excitement, it also provides you to win one ‘Samsung Galaxy POP’ everyday and a grand prize of 5 Laptops for which you need to watch the 11 p.m. movie and follow the steps as mentioned in the app. Good luck for the free gift and if you are a ‘Hard Rock’ cafe fan, then you can also grab the favorite Bond Martini Specials which are being served as a special item on their menu. It would have been great though had they given some free deals/discounts for Facebook fans!

If all this isn’t enough to sink you in the fever of ‘Forever Bond’ then Tribal DDB India, the creators of this campaign have made sure that you can play it on your mobile too. Gadgets are synonymous to Bond and this is what Tribal DDB wanted to catch as expressed by Abhishake Das, creative director, Tribal DDB, India.

“Gadgets are an important part of Bond movies, and how he uses them on his mission defines his personality. We created an innovation banner that gave the user the opportunity to play bond on the digital space”

Saurabh Yagnik, general manager and senior VP, English Channels, Star India also shares the same feeling and said,

“STAR Movies is an expert and a leading destination for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters in India. We celebrate the spirit of the Hollywood heroes and are committed to growing the consumption of Hollywood movies here. Everyone has fantasized ‘playing Bond’ at some point in time and swoon over the gadgets, the gizmos, the Car and the interesting women. We at Star Movies have provided our viewers the opportunity to ‘Play Bond’ real time. We are proud to bring innovations in the digital space seen for the first time in India. As our viewers largely reside online we have gone beyond the clutter of conventional media through these never seen before initiatives.”

The highlight of the ‘Bond Forever’ campaign is to bring the gaming experience to the fans and the wall shows signs of healthy appreciation by fans.

Source: Alootechie