Star Movies India Celebrates The Bourne Festival On Social Media Prior To The TV Premiere

To promote the Bourne Movie Festival, Star Movies India along with other mediums has been aggressively promoting it on social media too.

If you love spy movies then the Bourne Series starring Matt Damon in the lead role must be one of your favourites. When I was informed that Star Movies India is bringing the “Bourne Festival” on TV starting from today, I was excited to be able to relive the fast paced action movie.

The Bourne Festival will witness the telecast of ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and the premier of the latest addition to the Bourne films, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ at 9 pm from July 24 to 27 respectively. Along with other mediums, the television channel has been aggressively promoting the move festival on social media too.

Bourne To Kill - Facebook App

Star Movies, that has more than 2 million fans on Facebook, has created a Facebook app – Bourne To Kill for the occasion. The app which allows you to have a look without liking the page gives additional information about the movies that are going to be showcased.


As you can see the above screen grab, the app provides you images and some additional details such as the name of the director, cast, synopsis and the timing of the movie. And the app makes sure to list all the partners that are sponsoring the series.

Content on social media networks

The Facebook page has a series of interesting content that is not only spreading the word about the Bourne Series but also playing interesting trivia too. For example the below screen grab gives you a hint of the kind of content that the page is sharing and making the fans talk about it. The numbers on the shared content has been quite decent too.


The Twitter account, which has more than 23K followers, has been mellow in comparison to the Facebook promotions. #BourneToKill was introduced to promote the movie festival on Twitter but on search the hashtag has hardly seen any tweets.

Is the buzz enough for Bourne Festival?

The movie promotion on Facebook has been decent. The updates are interesting and haven’t been ‘in your face’. The app could have been more interesting rather than just providing details of the movie. However, Twitter could have been used more aggressively when the channel is premiering the latest in the Bourne series – ‘The Bourne Legacy’ starring Jeremy Renner in the main lead.

Creating buzz initially on social media for TV premiers has been a trend for some time. Star Movies has been doing that for most of the blockbusters before premiering them on TV.  Before ‘The Avengers’ premiere it did a 360 – degree marketing campaign and social media played a big role.

With ads on YouTube and a steady stream of updates on its Facebook page, the social media campaign offered an interesting app to experience more about the Avengers. Star did the same for the premier of Breaking Dawn for the New Year’s Eve.

Sony PIX, one of Star Movies competitors, has also followed suit. Before the premier of MIB 3, the brand launched a social media campaign - “Anti Alien Day.” Anti Alien Day was weaved in the brand’s Facebook as well as Twitter pages.

TV and social media have already formed a great bond and it is going to get interesting with time.

I am tuning in tonight at 9 PM to watch Jason attempting to discover his true identity amidst a clandestine conspiracy within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Will you be watching the action spy film?