StanChart’s #SCInsiders Bring The Economist India Summit To Over 2.8 Million Users On Twitter

Founding Partner of Economist India Summit, Standard Chartered sent a food writer, a musician, a movie director and an energy researcher to the 2015 Summit to share their takeaways via Twitter


What happens at the Economist India Summit stays at the summit hall. The most the common man can make of it is from the newspapers the next day, given that the reader has a keen interest in economics. The country’s opinion leaders indulge in a day of debate and high-level discussion exploring the most pressing issues in the country. Key political, economic and social issues are examined, and the implications explored for what they mean for business, every year at the Economist India Summit.

This year, the Summit commenced with an opening keynote by finance minister Arun Jaitley and closed with a conversation with Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Panel discussions on Digital India, needs of foreign and domestic businesses in India, ‘India and the world’, ‘Economic policy and the quest for growth’ ‘Technology, innovation and better government’, ‘New frontiers in Indian e-commerce’, and more, saw the who’s who from the government and the corporate world indulge in discussions and debate.

While The Economist and other publications cover the event from a highly economic and analytic perspective, this may not be easily absorbed by everyone. So, this year, the event crossed conventions to bring the Summit talks to the common man, powered by social media.

Standard Chartered, the Founding Partner of this India Summit, in association with its digital agency Flying Cursor, chose four people from diverse backgrounds - a food writer, a musician, a movie director and an energy researcher - each a noted name in their respective fields, to attend the Summit and share their takeaways from it, each from their unique perspectives.

The team of four called #SCInsiders comprised Nandita Iyer, Nutrition Expert and Food Writer; Raj Kaushal, Film Maker and Producer; Siddharth Singh, Energy Researcher and Founder of Disruptions Collective and Ankur Tewari, Musician and Programming Head at Pepsi MTV Indies.

On the day of the Summit, they tweeted from the session with their unique takes, and also shared facts from the speakers. They got into discussions over Twitter about the topics being discussed. Their followers quickly joined the conversations asking for more information about what’s being said at the India Summit.

Understandably, interest peaked during the session on Digital India, and #SCInsiders became one of the trending topics in India. Sharing a few tweets from the #SCInsiders:

Twitterati getting a taste of the Summit:

Post the Summit, a video was released in which the #SCInsiders presented to the world, their takeaways from the day long India Summit. The video had them shed light on the key topics that were discussed by the speakers at the Summit.

Moreover, there was something for those not on Twitter too. The brand had built a microsite that collated all the tweets from the four insiders and presented them in one interface. This way anybody could stay abreast with the conversations and the happenings from the Summit.

Social + Influence + Engaging + Real-time = #Win

#SCInsiders is a cool concept for bringing the India Summit to the common man, in bite-sized tweets that are easy to comprehend. Else the happenings at the event end up as long, boring articles on major news sites. Social media has been leveraged here for what it is - a two-way real-time communication tool.

Moreover, the choice of people from industries as varied as food, music, movies and energy, has made for a mixed yet interesting perspective on the Summit. Boring panel discussions became exciting, engaging and talk-worthy. Each of them enjoy a healthy follower base on Twitter as they hold relevant influence in their respective fields. Bringing them together as a team has combined the power and reach of social media, as well as cemented the gap between online and offline.

#SCInsiders became a trending topic on Twitter within no time. What began trending at third position shot up to the first position by afternoon, especially during the session on Digital India. The army of #SCInsiders on Twitter together managed to generate over 2700 tweets, with over 600 contributors who made over 30 Million timeline deliveries and reached over 2.8 Million users. Other relevant trends - #EconIndia, #IndiaSummit2015, #digitalindia also became a part of social buzz.