Standard Chartered Makes Mumbai Happier With The #GoodDeedMarathon

Review of the Good Deed Marathon by Standard Chartered where one can share their good deeds through Twitter and Instagram, and spread the goodness

Good Deed marathon

Mumbai has been beaming with goodness. Fuelled by the Good Deed Marathon, the city’s dwellers have been inspired to do a good deed, be it big or small. Ahead of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon – one of the biggest charity events in the country that sees numerous marathoners run for a social cause, the bank has embarked on a unique journey called the Good Deed Marathon.

Good Deed marathon

True to the bank’s promise, ‘Here for good’, Standard Chartered launched the Good Deed Marathon with the idea to start a movement that will make Mumbai smile, one good deed at a time. Starting 5th December, The Good Deed Marathon has been capturing, documenting and showcasing all the good that Mumbai does. Interestingly, the bank has weaved in goodness into all aspects of its digital and offline campaigns as well.

In partnership with digital agency Flying Cursor, the Good Deed Marathon campaign began with gearing up the people of Mumbai well in advance through a series of engaging activities on digital as well as offline. Social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram were leveraged to spread the message with a number of coming soon updates. With registrations on from December 5, the campaign is in its second phase where Mumbaikars are being encouraged to be a part of it.

Joining the Good Deed Marathon

Joining the movement is simple: one has to register through the Facebook application on Standard Chartered page or the mobile app (iOS and Android). The coming soon app has now transformed into a full-blown app that houses all the information and updates. The home page features various films that highlight the inherent need to do good in people.


While the first 2000 people to register get a starter pack with the Good Deed Marathon band, the others need not despair and can continue with doing good deeds. The Good Deed Marathon has already begun – the starter pack with your band is delivered by Mirakle Couriers, a National award winning courier company that only employs low-income deaf adults.

Doing good and sharing your good deeds wins you good karma too. Every time you do a good deed, you can share it in the form of text, image or video on the Facebook app, the mobile app, Twitter stream or on Instagram using the hashtag #GoodDeedMarathon. You stand a chance to win special Mumbai-themed mugs daily!

And, the best part is that you can pass on the good by sharing your Good Deed Marathon band with someone else, and inspire them to do a good deed as well. In the bargain, each person becomes an ambassador for the Good Deed Marathon.

Here’s one of the films that reveals Mumbai’s big heart:

And another one on Mirakle couriers at work for the Good Deed Marathon

Scoring with good deeds

A brand speaks louder with its actions than its words. With the Good Deed Marathon, Standard Chartered scores in not only strengthening the bank’s philosophy, ‘Here for good’, but also enables every citizen to be a part of the movement and does not restrict it to just the marathoners and NGOs. Giving away incentives for sharing your good deeds and having a pass-it-on band also helps spread the goodness as well as the brand message.

The Facebook app is an impressive one - neat design and layout aligned with the brand colours. And being a like-gated one, it also helps grow the fan base. The all-inclusive app and the bank’s Facebook page serves as a complete platform with daily updates about the marathon. Besides, the concept of spreading buzz using a common hashtag ‘#GoodDeedMarathon’ across social platforms like Twitter and Instagram ensures uniformity in conversations.

Apart from a partnership with PVR Cinemas and Radio Mirchi, the Good Deed Marathon has also roped in individuals who do good to share and inspire with their good deeds. Stay tuned as we bring you more on this, making the Good Deed Marathon a 360-degree integrated campaign across all platforms to make Mumbai a happier place!