#SSPune- Driving Traffic To Your Site

Driving Traffic To Your Site was the topic of discussion for Jan,2012 in Startup Saturday Pune

It was a lazy afternoon at Startup Saturday and the lighthouse team had an event to cover here relating to different ways to get traffic to your site. But there is a little twist here – Prasant was the speaker for ‘How to drive traffic from social media to your blog/website?’ So if on the one hand, we had our blog design getting revamped then on the other, there was this event we had to cover.

The first talk was about ‘Using SEO to drive traffic to your site’ by Karamveer Singh, Founder of Ayush Software. Ayush software owns 480 websites and gets billions on visitors on all these sites put together. Karamveer shared some very interesting aspects of SEO from the usual on page SEO to a little knowhow of how they do it at Ayush. Though all websites grow organically, some growth can come by way of smart SEO too. He began by explaining about Page Rank which is set by Google for every page on the Internet to what factors go into building a Page Rank for your site.

SEO starts from as early as when you register your domain name to creating your website/ designing your content to writing fresh content every day. Apart from having your keyword in your site name, page title, twice in your article, he shared some basic SEO tips that one needs to look at:  1) Quality and size of the content: which meant that your content should be unique and a good SEO ratio i.e. unique content vs. static content is at least 75% for Google search engines to pick you up. 2) Backlinks from relevant websites : If the websites that have linked to your pages are authentic and of the same topic of discussion, then that’s really good SEO for you. Some rich sources to learn SEO are SEOmoz and searchengineland as these guys are always on the edge of dynamic search engine technology.

The second talk was about ‘Using online advertising to drive traffic to your site’ by Ashish Mehta, Co-founder of Sokrati.com. As Ashish could not make it, we had Mohit Bansal from Sokrati with us. Mohit explained how every campaign is unique in its objective and thus would have to be customized to meet that objective. He shared some aspects of Google ads vs. Facebook ads that can help you formulate your ad budget depending on your product and who are its potential users. He spoke about a three-step process towards online advertising: track – analyse – optimize. You start with tracking the visitors to your website, then analyse the sources from where they come and then finally optimize your reach by targeting the right people at a time when they are most likely to make a purchase or read about your product. By the way, Sokrati has its own proprietary tool for monitoring which is also the only Indian tool  in a market where most Online advertisers use licensed tools which can’t be customized.

The third talk was by my partner Prasant about ‘Using social media to drive traffic to your site’.  He shared about how he did it the hard way as he could not afford a SEO expert nor did he have  the budget for online Ads. Hence social media was his only option and also a very good option for startups and SMEs. He shared about ten basic points that could help you to get visitors from your own social network as well as extended networks and also how to add value with every content that you write or share. The talk is shared in detail in our next post.

This event was not only an interactive one but also quite informative in terms of driving traffic to your site. As 2012 proceeds with more and more SMEs coming into the picture, we surely need to know how to position ourselves in this digital crowd.