Frooti Launches New Ad Through #SRKLovesFrooti Teaser On Twitter

About the new ad film launched by Frooti that features Shahrukh Khan with kids. The film has been launched on Twitter after a day long campaign which trended #SRKLovesFrooti


Mango Frooti Fresh ‘n’ Juicy! With summer round the corner, the mango flavoured drink ‘Frooti’ beckons us once again with its signature tune. Only this time, it has roped in the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan who has been portrayed as a football coach gulping down a bottle of Frooti all by himself, while his little players stare on quite lusciously. But, before you jump on to conclude - how insensitive can Shahrukh be, the ad takes a twist! Watch it to believe it:

Yes, we do drool just as kids do when it’s yummy! The film has managed nearly 32K views since the time it was uploaded on the 5th of March.

Social media first policy

Almost three decades old now, the brand has brought in a fresh perspective every time with its creatives. And this time, it weaved in the social media angle too. The ad film featuring Shahrukh was launched after a day long teaser campaign on Twitter with a contest around the hashtag #SRKLovesFrooti. The film has not been released on TV yet!

Twitteraties were asked to tweet why #SRKLovesFrooti to be able to win SRK autographed jerseys, iPads and more. In addition, one also had to follow the brand Twitter handle. The contest has generated a set of mixed reactions on Twitter, but the TVC has been liked for its creative twist. The promise of SRK merchandise, iPads and more, coupled with the aura of Shahrukh Khan pulled in genuine participants. However, while I browsed through the tweets for #SRKLovesFrooti, I was caught in surprise. There were posters featuring SRK and his love for Frooti. Do check out a few of the tweets that give you a picture of the trend:


Frooti launched its TVC featuring Shahrukh Khan through a teaser campaign on Twitter #SRKLovesFrooti. The hashtag has been trending ever since, with a mixed set of reactions!

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The No. 1 Bollywood star is smitten by the No. 1 mango drink. Tell us why #SRKlovesFrooti & win SRK autographed jerseys, ipads & much more.Mango Frooti
Here! Check out what goes on behind the scenes Tell us what you think and remember to add #SRKLovesFrooti!Mango Frooti
@Frooti #SRKLovesFrooti Becoz When G.One Is Out Of Power, He Will Be Energized After Drinking Frooti
@Frooti #SRKLovesFrooti "Dilwale Frooti Le Jayenge" .
@Frooti ***more than he drooled for frooti **** #SRKlovesFrooti
@Frooti #srklovesfrooti cz its not less then a trophy see image R
@Frooti #SRKlovesFrooti because HAR EK sip zaroori hota hai, Har ek frooti zaroori hoti haiArsh Marviya
#SRKLovesFrooti more than a good script for his films…..!!!!@FrootiMahendran S
#SRKLovesFrooti Apparently, SRK refused to tweet, when asked by frooti ad campaigners. So, I guess this trend is started by themAkansha Khanna
#SRKLovesFrooti This tag is trending for too long. I still don’t get what it’s about. Whatever it is, I think it is unnecessary.Kechi Insing
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ADORABLE new Frooti commercial with @iamsrk! Feeling thirsty now… #SRKLovesFrootiAalif Surti

Facebook was also leveraged simultaneously to pull in more participation. Beginning with an informational cover page on Frooti Facebook, the brand asked the 549K strong Facebook community to participate in the Twitter contest. After divulging the making of the TVC video, the page eventually unveiled the TVC,  just as was the strategy on Twitter.

Interestingly, Shahrukh’s Twitter handle (@iamsrk) has not expressed his love for Frooti even in a single tweet. In fact, the page was last updated on the 9th of January 2013 and has gone silent since then. In comparison, Salman Khan has been using his social clout to promote beverage major Coca Cola’s Thums Up through his Facebook page. Salman has more than 7.7 million fans on Facebook. Shahrukh tweeting with #SRKLovesFrooti would have certainly made it more fun, hopefully Frooti and SRK work around this.

For now, the ad film has created too much online buzz prior to releasing on TV.