Introducing Srinivas Kulkarni As Guest Editor At LI For Feb 2016

This month, Srinivas Kulkarni, Head, Learning & Development and Analytics wing, Social Kinnect will explore different aspects of Learning and Development for the benefit of agencies and brands

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity”- Aaron Swartz.

In the last five years, we at LI have tried a few things with content at the core, some worked while some failed. However, the urge to go beyond covering press releases has pushed us to think what else we can do around content, while juggling with our limitations.

Srinivas KulkarniOne of the things that we wish to achieve in 2016 is to bring a balance in our editorial content and columns from industry experts.

The first one kickstarted yesterday – Radical Bytes by Prashant Kohli. A bi-monthly series in which he will share about global digital campaigns that challenge the ordinary.

But what about issues that are discussed behind closed doors, problems that are never covered in press releases or may be discussed over a bottle of beer.

Today Lighthouse Insights defines itself as an online magazine with in-depth coverage driving decisions for marketers in the ever-evolving digital space. To meet the defined statement constantly we will have to dig stories that are not talked about.

One of the major problems that I have witnessed and every digital agency will acknowledge is with Learning & Development. To be fair enough all these 2016 digital predictions are of no use if we don’t train our workforce to drive business results.

There are agencies with a well planned training system in place and there are institutes too, who run a business around this function. Still, there are gaps that need filling up.

Lighthouse Insights tried covering this space last year but this year, we decided to bring on board an industry expert who can share his thoughts around the subject over a series of articles. The idea is to uncover a particular issue and then drill down further backed with insights and examples. This thought process let to the idea of inviting an expert as a guest editor at LI. (The idea finds its root when last year The Verge made big news by getting Bill Gates as their first guest editor.)

LI is delighted to inform that Srinivas Kulkarni has accepted to be our guest editor for the month of February. A communications professional for over 12 years with interests and passion for advertising, social & digital marketing, Srinivas now leads the Learning & Development and Analytics wing of Social Kinnect. “I think this is a great initiative by LI. This collaboration with industry folks like us is a step ahead in literally ‘paying it forward’, especially for the youngsters who’ll hopefully lead the torch and share the future of Digital!” added Srinivas.

During this month Srinivas has lined up some interesting articles around Learning & Development that will share how agencies and clients can work together to crack this problem, how to involve freshers in this process, among others. He has already covered this one for our 2016 trend series - Shaping The Future Of Digital Through Learning & Development. “I am glad to kick start this initiative by LI, writing about L&D in digital especially having experienced the challenges and learning at the grassroots level.”

Please welcome Srinivas and if you have any suggestions on how we can make this better or wish to nominate yourself to be our next guest editor, then do drop a note at - [email protected] or tweet to us at @lhinsights. You can connect with him on Twitter - @srinistuff.