Square Integrates Facebook Ads, Washington Post Making Vertical Video Ads

Global digital news - Square announced that it was integrating Facebook advertising into its growing CRM suite, The Post’s video ad service, called FlexPlay is creating in different formats, and more

Square integrates Facebook Ads into expanding “Customer Engagement” suite: Local commerce platform Square announced this afternoon that it was integrating Facebook advertising into its growing CRM suite that it calls “Customer Engagement.” Facebook Ads now join email marketing as part of an expanding toolset layered on top of Square’s core payments and POS services for local businesses.

The Washington Post is making vertical video ads for clients: The Post’s video ad service, called FlexPlay, had its first campaign with Lincoln hit the website last month. Brands hand over their creative assets, and the Post’s ad tech team converts them into different formats, ready to run on desktop, mobile Web and in app.

In 10 months, Quartz has gone from zero to 200 million video views: Quartz knows the importance of being where its readers are. Increasingly, this means focusing on Facebook video and publishing to messaging platforms.

Once bullish on Pinterest, ad world sees it slipping: Pinterest was founded six years ago this month, and its ad evolution has been slow, according to the demanding standards of fast-growth digital advertising. Even brands that have been early to the platforms more unique ad units, like the GIF-style Cinematic Pins, said that Pinterest can be slow to give feedback about how campaigns perform.

Yahoo’s ad revenue to drop 14 percent this year: Yahoo’s ad revenues are forecasted to drop 14 percent this year while its competitors, including Google and Facebook, are expected to grow. According to a new eMarketer report on ad spending, Yahoo’s global ad revenues will dip to $2.8 billion this year, down from $3.3 billion last year. Its overall share of the ad market will shrink from 2.1 percent to 1.5 percent.

Facebook’s New Insights Will Help Marketers Win Auctions So More Users See Their Ads: Today, Facebook is introducing Delivery Insights, a tool that will help brands understand how their promotions are performing in Facebook’s ads auction. The social media company uses the platform to pair ads with the right users based on price, intent and quality. Delivery Insights allows marketers to see which ads are underdelivering and tweak them to better reach the desired audience size. The tool, located in the “Delivery” column of a campaign or under the “Tools” tabs, is rolling out globally over the coming weeks.

Snapchat Discover’s caption button makes videos audio-agnostic: Snapchat has quietly added a caption button that Discover publishers can use to make their videos audio-optional. When a publisher has made the option available, people can click the button to toggle on subtitles in order to watch a video without sound.

The Financial Times racked up 45 million podcast downloads last year: The Financial Times has been producing them for 10 years. Its 12 regular podcasts managed to rake in 45 million podcast downloads in 2015. The publisher attributes the growth in part to taking a wider approach to its podcast distribution, broadening 18 months ago from relying on FT.com and iTunes to include other platforms like Stitcher and Soundcloud.