Springwel Springs Up With ‘Sleep Exchange’, A CSR Initiative On Facebook

An article on Springwel's Sleep Exchange program which is a CSR Initiative On Facebook

Brands are adopting a whole new approach to rebranding themselves and most importantly, they are doing it on social media. Popular mattress  makers, Springwel Mattresses has now partnered with Mother NGO for Homeless in Delhi and other charitable missions across the country to launch the ‘Sleep Exchange’ campaign. Sleep Exchange is a 2 month national campaign where consumers can exchange their old mattresses for new ones at a discounted price from Springwel whereas the old mattresses would be collected by the NGO for the homeless. In addition, Springwel will also donate Rs.100 to the respective NGOs for every mattress collected. ((Source: IndiaInfoline))

Sleep Exchange is mainly being driven through Facebook through a brand new page founded this June. Content being shared focuses on the campaign and provides a constant update of its happenings. The page has already garnered 439 likes in a short span of time and an app has been created for locating Springwel dealer centers.

Springwel_centers app

The app displays a long list of dealers from each city in an image. And this list is visible only after you ‘like’ the page.

As a part of the CSR drive, the company has also engaged graphite artists to capture the campaign by displaying street art at prime locations in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. People are being encouraged to take photographs and the pictures of these artworks have been uploaded on Facebook too.

How good is Sleep Exchange?

The use of Facebook for promoting a CSR drive is quite popular nowadays. However, the implementation in each of the CSR campaigns on Facebook differs. Springwel’s Sleep Exchange is no doubt a beautiful example of business with a social purpose. However, I stumbled upon a few things that definitely need to be improved upon for a better user experience and have listed them here:

1. When I clicked on the app to locate Springwel centers, I was welcomed by a blank page. I tried to open the link in IE, Safari and Chrome but it was blank in all the browsers. Before I drew a blank, I clicked on ‘like’ and voila, an image started downloading! This is the image with the dealers listed from each city. I wish the page mentioned to ‘’like’ it in the beginning, so that my time would be saved.

2. Secondly, the app could have been better if it had a ‘search’ feature. Scrolling down endlessly to find your city is not good for a user. The dealer search on the website is much better comparatively. I wish the brand incorporates a simple search on this app along with Facebook share feature.

3. Wouldn’t it be great if you build another app that would be like a pledge for this cause. Once a fan actually acts upon her pledge then the brand gives her a badge and announces it on the wall. Perhaps highlighting them on the cover page would make your fans feel special and lead to positive word of mouth.

I loved the campaign for its concept, especially the street art promotions. What do you like about Sleep Exchange?