SPR Buildtech Builds A Fan Base Through ‘Yeh Mera Ghar’ On Facebook

A review of 'Yeh mera ghar' Facebook campaign by real estate firm SPR Buildtech where fans can win Lifestyle vouchers for uploading pictures of their home


SPR Buildtech is a real estate venture based in Faridabad that deals in luxury apartments and penthouses. At this date, the company has 10 lakhs sq. ft. of land under various stages of development and it is on course to establish a stronger presence in the market.

The company, in association with Markigence – an integrated marketing communications agency with specialization in digital activations – has launched a Facebook campaign inviting users to upload pictures of their home. The best entries will be rewarded with gift vouchers worth Rs. 17,500 from Lifestyle, with the most creative picture taking home prizes worth Rs. 10,000 and vouchers worth Rs. 2500 for each of the three categories of Best room, Best furniture and Best showpiece.

Yeh Mera Ghar on Facebook

The contest, “Yeh Mera Ghar” is being run through a Facebook app that requires one to like the page to be able to participate. A simple layout welcomes one to the ‘How to participate’ tab which has step-wise instructions and also houses the T&C.


‘Upload photo’ is the tab to participate in the contest. Users, now fans of SPR Buildtech, need to upload a picture of anything creative in their home. It can be an artefact, a wall art, a creatively designed room, a piece of furniture, etc. Also, before submitting the picture , a category needs to be selected from the given three, and the user is also prompted to write a story about the picture, but this is optional.

In ‘Gallery’ one can see pictures uploaded by others, and can also share it on Facebook, whereas ‘Prizes’ displays the incentives on offer.

How good is ‘Yeh mera ghar‘?

‘Yeh mera ghar’ has weaved in a good concept, one that will help strengthen the social media presence of SPR Buildtech and also establish a stronger presence in the luxury living space. Enabling fans to join in by sharing pictures of their home coupled with relevant incentives as gift vouchers from Lifestyle, makes for a complete fun contest on a social media platform like Facebook.

Besides, creating a ‘like’ Facebook app for ‘Yeh mera ghar’ will work in the favour of building the fan base with relevant target consumers. The Facebook app has a neatly designed interface with required information and T&Cs of the contest. It worked like a charm with sharing features,  and navigation was smooth too. However, contests with user generated content would need to be moderated. Under ‘showpiece’ category, I happened to see a pair of sunglasses sitting on a beverage can!

Good concept, simple and fun user experience and relevant incentives is how one can describe ‘Yeh mera ghar’. Let us know what you think about it.