1. Netflix Gives Users Added Control Over Facebook Sharing: Netflix, the world’s largest subscription streaming service, is adding a privacy feature that lets customers control which shows they share with their Facebook friends. Read more here.

2. Bezos Names Ex-Politico CEO Fred Ryan Publisher to Lead Washington Post: The Washington Post named Fred Ryan publisher-CEO on Tuesday, ending eight decades of leadership by the Graham family. Read more here.

3. Facebook confirms Europeans can use facial recognition to tag photos, for US friends only: Way back in December 2010, Facebook introduced a new feature called Tag Suggestions in the States, which used facial recognition techniques to suggest people you should tag in your Facebook photos. It was shortly rolled out internationally too. Read more here.

4. Reddit’s new official ‘AMA’ app makes it super easy to browse its popular interviews: Reddit is well known for its interesting AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews – it reached a high in 2012 when Obama participated in an AMA on the site and subsequently has seen colorful characters including Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg Lion (twice). Read more here.

5. YouTube’s new fan funding feature lets you donate to your favorite channel owners: YouTube is strongly rumored to be launching a subscription-based music service soon, but the Google-owned video site has quietly introduced a new (and far lower-key) payment service that lets viewers send donations to YouTube channel owners. Read more here.

6. Alibaba teams up with Huawei to let Alipay Wallet users pay with just their fingerprint: As Chinese internet giants are fighting to own people on mobile payment, Alibaba has announced a way to make its payments service Alipay even more secure on a smartphone — with the introduction of fingerprinting technology in a deal that it inked with smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Read more here.

7. South Korea blocks all Facebook games as part of a government crackdown: Last week, every Facebook game stopped working in South Korea. And they’re not coming back until the country’s government can apply its rating system. Read more here.

8. Civic-minded social network MindMixer gets $17M to connect communities: Missouri-based startup MindMixer just grabbed $17 million to better connect companies and governments with community members, consumers, and clients. Read more here.

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Comes To iOS As A Standalone App: LinkedIn over the weekend launched a standalone version of its “Sales Navigator” service, which is now available on iOS only. The addition of the new, native application follows a recent overhaul for Sales Navigator that saw it split off as its own product, rather than a set of features within the main LinkedIn website. Read more here.

10. LinkedIn Reviewing China Censorship Policy: LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD) expanded into China this year, adopting policies in line with the country’s censorship rules. Now, the world’s largest professional social-networking company is saying it may have gone too far. Read more here.

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