Apollo Munich Health Insurance announces its new brand ambassador with a bang! Apollo Munich has roped in Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, lovingly referred to as ‘Dada’ to endorse their insurance products for the next three years. (( Source: Best Media Info)) The insurance major along with JWT for the creatives, had created a short three-minute video on their Youtube channel featuring Dada, ‘Sourav Ganguly – The Movie’, in a typical Bollywood drama format.

The video is a salute to Dada’s never-say-die attitude, springing from his infamous drop from the Indian cricket team at the peak of his career after a fallout with coach Greg Chappel. Besides, an interesting parallel has been drawn with the killing of tigers in the country despite being the national animal and Dada who is referred to as ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’!

The video has garnered 520,032 total views at last count with 711 comments and 145 favourites. From the video statistics given below, you can see the video being searched on Youtube initially on May 7 with a total of 6,451 views and then being quickly getting viral through Facebook, mobile and various news sites, gathering tremendous momentum along the way. However, the past week shows an even and steady move that might grow organically towards the 600,000 mark or higher.

Sourav Ganguly - The Movie (Youtube Video stats)

We do hear about a lot of viral campaigns but most often than not, they are far from being called ‘viral’. In this sense, ‘ Sourav Ganguly – The Movie’ has indeed gone viral. The graph clearly indicates its fast spreading within the first week itself. And that is good news for Apollo Munich and a source to learn for us.

How the video went ‘viral’?

There is no magic formula that can make a video go viral but one can always do something what I call smart brainstorming. Begin with understanding your target audience and especially about what she is a fanatic of. Then design a thing around that. Next present it to her in the most palatable way and in the most likeable environment.  She is bound to ‘like’ it as well as share it with her networks, thus making your thing viral.

The video concept and execution has been top-notch. Associating Dada’s winning spirit with the brand’s ideology and deploying it during the IPL has been the lethal combination. Besides, in a nation where cricket and Bollywood are the dominant craze, the video was bound to go viral. Apollo Munich has indeed leveraged on the loyal devotion Indians have for Ganguly, by portraying him as India’s biggest superstar. And that must be the magic formula.

About Facebook and Twitter contribution:

The Facebook cover page features a Bollywood-style film poster of the movie with a message to watch the trailer on Youtube. This is enough for snowballing traffic towards the Youtube video. Besides, the Facebook wall shows decent engagement with its nearly 50,000 strong community. But the Twitter is quite a toddler with 28 tweets and 22 followers. The tweets are mainly sharing the video links and haven’t yet begun to connect with people at large.

So did you like ‘Sourav Ganguly – The Movie’ and have discovered the magic formula for a video to go viral?