Sorav Jain Shares His Vision Behind Social Media Summit 2011

Sorav Jain Shares His Vision Behind Social Media Summit 2011

What do you need to know beyond buzzwords and roadmaps to stay ahead in the race? You certainly should know the ground reality about how the buzzword can help your business and secondly how to go about doing it. While most marketers are aware of the new wave called Social Media that has hit businesses these days but only a few of them learn to ride these waves smoothly. Social Media is in different stages of awareness, learnings and acceptance across the length and breadth of India. Addressing these concerns, EchoVME in collaboration with M.O.P. Vaishnav College has organised the Social Media Summit 2011 – a two-day international event covering pure social media in Chennai on the 4th & 5th of November 2011.

The event caters to all professionals dealing in social media and covers an impressive range of topics along with a list of veteran speakers from India and abroad.  The interactive, hands-on approach is ideal for developing marketing strategies and the best part of the summit is the discount for students.  We caught up with Sorav Jain of EchoVME to get a better understanding of this summit and the benefits of attending it. Here’s the email interview:

Sorav Jain

1. Hi Sorav! before we learn more about the Social Media Summit, would love to know bit more about you and EchoVME.

I am Thinker in Chief at EchoVME, a strategic digital marketing company.

2. Social Media Summits are proliferating in India in every city and every month! How would you differentiate this summit apart from the amazing list of speakers?

I am sure this is the 2nd such summit in the country this year, the last one was organized by Nasscom. Yes, there had been quite a few digital marketing summits. This summit is purely with the Social Media essence. Besides, the agenda and speaker list speaks it all. Its not just about the industry trends and best practices. The summit also concentrates on what best can an individual do on these platforms with practical workshop / sessions for them.

3. Social Media is a hat that these days every marketer wants to don but who should really invest money in this conference?

Every marketer who is yet not sure what Social Media is can invest in to learn what is the scope of this medium in business.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs who wants to look at the potential of this medium.

Industry experts and social media marketing practitioners who wants to learn the best practices from the ‘who is who’ of Social Media in India.

Academicians who wants to bring in the culture of Social Media.

Students who believes Social Media is the future of business communication and wants to make a career in the same.

4.The Social media presence is right there for this conference but you are using the blog in an innovative way. Would you like to talk bit more about it?

I have always believed Blog is the best way to tell world about the story behind the event. Its very important for the registrants to learn the kind of efforts we are putting in to make this event a global success. For me, blog had always been a very important tool for marketing and story telling. We are using this blog to tell people about the various activities  that revolves around the event.

5.Finally, having watched the market closely what according to you lies ahead for Indian social media. Can we presume that we are evolving from the WHY to the HOW stage?

That’s a good question! I would say the audience is still scattered. There is one particular crowd that doesn’t know WHAT is Social Media. Curiosity still prevails and people are expecting experts to answer WHY Social Media.. The future would still be the same for another 2-3 years down the line.


Thanks Sorav! It’s been great to have all our questions answered by you. India sure needs many such events to really create an impact and this event hopefully should bridge some of the gaps in the Social Media domain. We wish you and your team all the best wishes!