Sony PIX Unveils Its Transporter TV Series On Social Media

How Sony PIX is promoting the launch of its new TV series Transporter through social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter


Sony PIX, the channel that brings you the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, is going to premiere the action-adventure television series ‘Transporter: The Series’ beginning today at the weekend primetime slot of 8 pm. The 12-part series based on the movie Transporter, is aligned well with the English movies channel’s audience, and the channel has been actively promoting the launch to them on social media networks too.

I saw the hashtag #PIXporter trending in the later part of the evening yesterday on Twitter. Further exploration brought me to the news of the series being launched today, with a cool social media campaign to boot.

‘Sorry Girls’ on Facebook

A campaign called ‘Sorry Girls’ targeting an apology to girls, since their guys would be involved with the new show, was conceived for Facebook. The Sony PIX Facebook page, with its 865K strong community has been occupied in creating the suspense around the new launch, as early as January 10th.

The page began with a series of picture updates as apologies to girls as their guys would begin ignoring them beginning the 25th of January. Content dealt around apologetic conversations with the girls now having to find new ways to catch their guy’s attention. From flirtatious hairstyles to sensual moves and getting into shape, the channel teased girls to test everything to keep their guys close.

Short videos featuring tricks to avoid getting ignored were introduced later. The YouTube channel shows a set of 7 such videos created for the campaign. There is this ‘Trick #3 Psy’cho Gangnam Style’ video which I particularly liked. It features a girl dressed in flashy neon and dancing to the Gangnam style, to attract her beau, but none of it seems to work!

Sony_PIX_Transporter_updateThe suspense was finally revealed on the 21st, before which one could see updates with close clues like this one. The page has then been talking about the lead actor Chris Vance, his dare devil stunts and suave charm, along with a trailer of the Transporter. Most of the updates have received good engagement with some of the video updates getting massive number of likes (nearly 2K+), comments and shares. The trailer video has received more than 10K likes!

#PIXporter contest on Twitter

There was this Facebook update about the contest on Twitter - the one that was trending #PIXporter. One had to follow the channel’s Twitter page and answer a set of questions about Chris Vance correctly and winners would be chosen on random for the goodies. The second part of the contest is being held today and the grand prize would be announced tomorrow.

The Twitter page with 3.2K followers and a following of 2.1K has been regular with tweets about the upcoming series, along with running the contest.

Ending thoughts

The campaign seems to have been designed with the social platform in mind. “Sorry Girls’ built up the suspense two weeks ahead of the show with a series of updates eventually closing in to give away the answer on Facebook. Despite not having a contest with incentives, the page managed to rake in decent engagement. Employing Twitter for the #PIXporter contest helped in creating further visibility, as it reached me too. The #SorryGirls on Facebook and the #PIXporter contest on Twitter along with the series of videos, together form a formidable trio.

Moving ahead with 2013 it looks promising for the television and social media industry. The trend has been active since last year. Television channels like Life OK, Star World, Sony, etc. have not only included social media in the complete promotions of upcoming serials but have also designed extensive campaigns covering the pre and post launch. For example Star World created a six-week pre-launch buzz for its show “Packed To The Rafters” and Life OK adopted the similar route for its show 2612.

2013 will certainly see an upward growth in the allocation for social media in the complete marketing mix, be it for the launch of  new shows or premières.