Sony PIX Gives You A Big Break Via Facebook

by Prasant on January 26, 2022

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As an Indian I have tried and seen most of my friends enacting Bollywood scenes and having fun. I mean we all at some point of time might have enacted some scene from the great Indian movie Sholay or some other one. But that was our generation, I mean I am not that old but today’s generation has an amazing taste and sense of Hollywood. So Sony PIX, which is a Hollywood channel, has come up with an interesting contest to connect with the young guns of the country.  It goes without saying that the contest is also open for it’s Facebook fans too.

PIX Big Break Contest:

The Big Break contest from Sony PIX is all about that big break that one would have dreamt of. The lucky winner will get a chance to appear in a PIX promo and will also get to make an appearance in primetime shows on SET n SAB. So are you excited now to find out the way to crack the contest, then here you go.

PIX Big Break

The contest is simple, you have to enact your favorite Hollywood scene in under a minute, upload your video by clicking on the Facebook app - and pray hard to get a chance to shine before the Indian audience. Check out one of the videos to get a feel.

My Thoughts:

Sony PIX with more than 300,000 fans has hosted contests on Facebook but the motive for the brand has been to connect TV with the social media audience. Last year PIX re-launched their TV series Chicks Vs Flicks but this time they did on Facebook. We wrote about the smart move they did and the new contest walks on the similar lines of engaging with its fans.

Along with this, PIX has also tried to reach out to the younger generation and this you could simply make out by seeing the videos that have been submitted so far. PIX is running this contest from its Facebook and website too. However the Facebook app is only for the video uploads and when you click on other sections such as ‘All Entries’, ‘Top Entries’, etc., the app leads to the website. Really not cool, it would have been great if they could have kept the engagement on Facebook. The other cool thing that PIX has done on the site is that it has created a small network of the uploaders with their small details and videos. Why is this missing from Facebook? PIX could have easily uploaded this as a tab on Facebook which I think would have created more buzz about the contest.

The idea is an old one but well the execution is quite aligned with PIX’s objective and it will hit with the right audience. So if you are uploading your favorite Hollywood scene then don’t be late as the contest closes on 19th Feb, 2012 and the winner will be declared on 1st March,2012.

Good Luck!


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  • Kunal Bajaj

    the concept is simple but effective and will also help a lot of budding actors to showcase their talent. Always different and innovative campaigns are not necessary. Sometimes simple things are very effective. 

    • Prasant Naidu

      yeah the concept is old but it is executed in a new way and right way. so yes it will kick some fire. are u trying ;)

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