Sony PIX Celebrates Anti Alien Day On Social Media For MIB 3 Premiere

About the social media campaign by Sony PIX titled 'Anti Alien Day' for the television premiere of MIB 3, where users have been asked to bust the evils in our society as the true aliens.


Sony PIX stands true to its name. The channel that promises to bring you the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, is all set to premiere the third instalment of the Men in Black series ‘Men in Black 3’ starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin, tomorrow the 10th of March. In addition to creating the pre-premiere buzz across print, outdoor and television, the channel has also conceived a cool social media campaign titled “Anti Alien Day” as a build up for the television premiere. Anti Alien Day weaved in the brand’s Facebook as well as Twitter pages.

Leveraging Facebook and Twitter

As a part of the Anti Alien Day campaign beginning February 25th, Sony PIX launched an innovative and interactive Facebook application celebrating March 10 as “Anti Alien Day”. The viewers had to identify the aliens in their society, where aliens are a metaphor for the various evils plaguing our society.

The Facebook page featured different characters, and the viewers had to match the alien behaviour in comparison to the alien in their society.


The page featured the regular culprits in our society - ‘Red Spitterus’ represents those who choose to paint the town red with paan chewing aka the Laal Thookiyas, ‘Stink-us Maximus’ are those who release unwanted gas into the atmosphere, ‘Screamers Extremus’ are those who keep screaming and do the chillum-chilli, ‘Drinker Stinker’ are those irresponsible drinkers who get unbearably talli, ‘Kachra Phenkoo’ are those who litter their cities, ‘Goes Now-here-us’ are those autowallas who refuse to ply you, ‘Nose Digger-us’ are the perpetual nose diggers aka Naak Khujaoo, and ‘Eve Teasing’ are the chance maru types we need to eradicate the most of all.

Each day these different aliens were revealed for the community to choose from.

In the second week beginning March 2nd, fans were invited to share an image of an alien in their lives to score points. The ones to make the maximum score everyday were featured as the ‘Man in Black of the day’ and also featured on the channel. Simultaneously, a Twitter contest “RT to eliminate the alien” was also run every day wherein one could post alien images and users would have to retweet the same. The more the numbers of RTs, the more was the chance to win every day.

MIB 3 Winner on image

The campaign is currently in its last phase called “Spot the alien”, where the viewer has to spot the alien on MIB hoardings and advertising across the city and upload the image on Twitter. The person with the most twitpics will be declared the winner.

That’s not all, Sony PIX has been working closely with Twitter to promote MIB 3 and this television premiere will be the first in the genre to engage in LIVE conversations with the viewers, thereby being the first ever interactive movie premiere in India! What this means is that a Twitter handle will appear during certain important scenes to encourage conversations.

Television premieres going grand

Sony PIX has gone all out of the way to make the premiere of MIB 3 large. Both the popular social networks – Facebook and Twitter have been integrated to create buzz around the premiere. But, the highlight of the campaign is the theme – Anti Alien Day – which resonates well with what the movie is all about, and comparing outer world aliens to the evil characters in our society brings in a fun connect.

Sony PIX has been a cool brand on social media. For its action-adventure television series ‘Transporter’, the channel had conceived ‘Sorry girls’ on Facebook that sought to create a suspicious hype around what’s going to keep their guys busy. Twitter was employed to run contests and together, the channel had managed to create buzz for its new series.

So, if you are an MIB fan, then gear up and get ready to bust some aliens on Anti Alien Day. In any case, do let us know how you like the campaign.