Sony Music With Madboys Launches Web Only Series ‘Happy To Be Single’ For Tamil Speaking Audiences On YouTube

Sony Music India has started a web-only series targeting Tamil speaking audiences called ‘Happy to be Single’ produced by Madboys Entertainment. The web series has 5 episodes of 10 minutes each

Webisodes are in. As the country experiences a growth in online consumption, it is good to see producers wanting to experiment with the medium. Gauging the demand for exclusive web content, Sony Music India has started a web-only series called ‘Happy to be Single’, produced by Madboys Entertainment, as reported by Medianama.

‘Happy To Be Single’ is a story of three best friends - Vinay, Tanya and Uday, who have been buddies since college. The love triangle with a dash of comedy served with a combination of Tamil and English dialogues, will have short episodes of around 10-12 minutes. This series will only include 5 episodes, as the concept of a web series is relatively new in South India. The first episode of 9 minutes has garnered nearly 5.8 K views in the five days since it was uploaded on Nov 15.

Apart from being distributed on Sony Music’s Vevo YouTube channel, the series has a website ‘Happy To Be Single’ too. It houses a gallery along with the episodes and the social networks built for sharing the web series. Each episode has a Facebook commenting system that allows you to add your feedback for it.

The Facebook page has garnered a fan base of 4K+ while the Twitter page has 69 followers. Both the pages are actively promoting the web series, while engaging fans with the plot.

Speaking to Medianama, Shreekarthick, Creative Head of Madboys Entertainment and Director of the series said that the copyrights of the series will remain with Sony and they do not have any guarantee of receiving a revenue share from Sony. The revenue will be determined by the views and ad revenue generated on YouTube for the show.

Exclusive web content with short episodes targeting the youth seems to be the new experiment. Last week saw MTV India teaming up with McDowell’s No. 1 soda to bring a first-of-its-kind fiction series for the web called ‘Saturday Night, Alright! It is a 12 part series that gives viewers a glimpse into young people’s lives through the stories of four friends – Zam, Ajax, Sahana and Venky, who meet up for their Saturday night parties to celebrate the end of another busy week.

Do watch ”Happy To Be Single’ and share as more views will help them survive, and also pave the way for more exclusive web content for us!