Sony Promotes Xperia Z On Social Media

A look at how Sony India promotes its latest offering in smartphones - the Xperia Z using the popular social media platforms

Sony launched its latest offering ‘Xperia Z’ with much fanfare on 6th March 2013. The price matching its high end features is somewhere in the range of a Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. Sony has roped in Katrina Kaif as the new face of the brand and Xperia is using the same as its USP on social media. Katrina Kaif coupled with Xperia Z launch seems to be the recipe for some pre-buzz around the brand and the new product.

Xperia Z on YouTube

Sony Mobile India’s official YouTube Channel has created a dedicated playlist for Xperia Z along with its TVC promoted on YouTube which has accumulated more than 365K views in 6 days since the upload.

The playlist has 478K video views combined with more than 1,000 likes and 160 comments. The comments on the videos are mostly positive (towards the ever charming Katrina and the phone). The brand could have been interactive and started a dialogue with the people who were wanting to know more about the product. The playlist covers all the features of the smartphone in a video by video format.

Xperia Z on Facebook

With mobile brands like Samsung turning their eyes to Facebook for their newly launched products, Xperia too had come up with the Katrina and You application on Facebook.

The app works on fan-gating and is a supposedly augmented reality application which works by giving the opportunity to fans to feature with their favourite superstar (Katrina). You can go to any of the listed locations given in the application shown on a map where a poster featuring Katrina will be shown to the participants. The virtual image of Katrina will be explaining the features of  Xperia Z to the participants and they get an opportunity to have their pictures clicked with the image. This feature will only be available once they provide their email addresses through which they access their Facebook profile. (A tried and tested way to generate potential customer’s database, anyone?) A clause states that the participants can be contacted later for sales activity and promotions!


The brand will then post the pictures on the application along with sending it to friends of the participants (with their consent).

The application is mediocre to say the least. It takes forever to load on the canvas (10 seconds is too long a time to load for any page and yes I didn’t test it on IE). Posing in front of a virtual Katrina does not appeal to me as such. Rather having a gamification concept and a voting mechanism in order to meet the actual Katrina Kaif would have made more sense and appeal to the users. And some Xperia Z goodies would have helped the cause too. If the objective of the campaign is to increase footfalls to their Sony stores, this prize would have increased further traction. More than 2,900 people have used the application till this article was written.

Source: WildFire

The Facebook page is sharing the Katrina TVC  heavily which has seen more than 1,300 shares. All posts on the page have a CTA with a link to their microsite. The link has garnered more than 40,000 clicks to the microsite from the Facebook page. The visual approach on their Facebook page coupled with Katrina Kaif imagery seems to be working for Sony, at least as far as Facebook is concerned.

Xperia Z on Twitter

The Xperia Z offering is quoted to be the best offering by Sony till date. The #bestofsony is the hashtag which is used by the brand to communicate on Twitter which is then displayed on their microsite. According to TweetReach, the #BestofSony has reached more than 15,000 accounts and generated more than 24,000 impressions. The follower growth owing to this activity has been pretty good with more than 14% growth in followers in their official Twitter handle for the last 12 days.

Source: TweetReach

Xperia Z microsite

Sony Xperia has also created a microsite  around Xperia Z as the main attraction. The site gives an overview about what the product is all about along with a photo gallery to view all the features around the smartphone. A section named ‘Katrinas first 30 days with Xperia Z’ has Katrina’s experiences in the form of images and videos on the microsite. Users can share these moments of Katrina on the social sites if desired. The Twitter widget with ‘#BestofSony’ amalgamates live tweets from the Twitter verse along with a section for the Facebook application ‘Katrina and You’. The site is pleasing to the eye and houses all the social components designed by the brand in one place.

How good is the campaign?

The campaign relies heavily on visuals and Katrina Kaif’s popularity (more on the latter I feel). However, the Facebook application could have been more interesting. Being more dependent on visuals, the brand could have explored the possibility of being on Pinterest which supposedly they don’t even have a presence on. Not many Indian brands have tried that approach as yet as they still feel Pinterest is not a safe bet as far as the Indian audience is concerned.

Katrina’s presence on Twitter would also have helped to amplify their reach on the microblogging site to new heights. Recently we did see Salman pulling out a similar stunt for Thums Up. Sony could have leveraged a similar possibility from Katrina to gain more eyeballs but the star has stayed away from social media. Overall the campaign is a good effort that leverages all the possible resources for product information and promotion.

And with the likes of Blackberry and Samsung going neck to neck with their offerings - Blackberry Z10 and  soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S4 - it would be interesting to see how Sony Xperia copes with it.

What do you think about Xperia Z on social? Do share your thoughts.